In illustration 3 and also 4, the prologue borrows its wording (and in ep 3 also adapts the prologue music) native the initial Star Trek series.

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In ep. 6, the two human being seen in former of A&W room Yuuna Konnyaku and Mamoru Kagemori native \"Kage Kara Mamoru!\"

Muttley, the companion the the Dogisian antagonist is a namesake the a Hanna-Barbera character named Muttley, the companion of villain cock Dastardly in the 1968 TV cartoon series Wacky Races. Both Muttleys deserve to only connect through snicker-like sounds, though the Muttley native this anime renders use of a tool to interact into words.

In Episode 12, the prologue is a straight reference come the 1981-1983 American TV series The greatest American Hero; the Japanese dub refers an ext to its premise, if the English dub refers more to the text for its theme track \"Believe the or Not\" by Joey Scarbury.

In episode 11, the prologue and its backing music is a parody of/reference to the 1988-1999 BBC TV comedy Red Dwarf.

In episode 7, the prologue is a parody of/reference come the \"60s American sitcom Bewitched.

In Episode 8, the prologue is a referral to/parody of the \"70s American TV series Starsky and also Hutch.

In episode 1, the movie titles carried up during the conversation in between Kio and Aoi about the 18-19 minute mark (Gaia Symphony, no hope Outpost, etc.) are all really American or Japanese movies.

In episode 2, during the call conversation in between Manami and also Kio,around 10:51 you deserve to see the Steyr AUG attack Rifle on the Manami desk.

In Episode 3, at 2:07~2:09, a cameo illustration of Natsuru Senō & Tora Harakiri, additionally Shizuku Sangō & Kanden Yamaneko indigenous the anime Kampfer showed up on plank at the boat.

In Episode 3, JACK(Janis Alectos Carotenas Karinato) uses her iphone phone to talk to Manami

In Episode 3, about 02:20,the vehicle beside the Cathea spacecraft in the parking many is the well known Mitsubishi Lancer advancement VIII.

In Episode 4, in ~ 12:22, a cameo illustration of Louise from Zero no Tsukaima & Lisa from Seiken no Blacksmith appeared

In Episode 4, at 14:00, BC-FX is a parody of game console \"PC-FX\"

In Episode 4, at 14:38, a cameo appearance of Cecily Campbell & Luke Ainsworth the Seiken no Blacksmith appeared

In Episode 5, the prologue wording and music space vague parodies that the American TV collection Mission: Impossible.

In Episode 6, in ~ 19:20, 19:39 & 20:00, Manami\"s watch is a parody of Casio Baby-G Watch

In Episode 6, in ~ 4:58, a blank videotape with the label Somy is a parody the Sony MiniDV Digital video clip Cassette v 90 minute LP and also 60 minute SP recording

In Episode 6, in ~ 8:53, the gun i beg your pardon Manami is holding through a brand Smith and Wesson is a parody that Smith and also Wesson Revolver models

In Episode 6, in ~ 8:07~8:36, Manami, Aoi and also Aoi\"s AsistDroid\"s visited A&W Restaurant to take their break ~ above their exercise shooting, Aoi is drinking she A&W\"s All-American source Beer, Manami\"s is pointing at the sign of A&W All-American Burger v her revolver.

In Episode 6, the prologue wording and also music is a parody the the prologue for the American TV collection Charlie\"s Angels.

In Episode 7, roughly 4:59, a cameo of Akane Mishima & Mikoto Kondou from Kampfer shows up as students in ~ Kio\"s college holding your cellphone, also Chissoku Norainu, one of the Mikoto Kondou messenger from Kampfer also appears together her cellphone strap

In Episode 9 in ~ 4:52, there\"s a poster the \"The Godfather\" part near the window

In Episode 9 in ~ 5:14, there\"s a poster the the hollywood movie \"Armageddon\" at the ago where Elis is sit in she couch

In Episode 9 at 7:48, the box with the tag named Amazoness is a parody the

In episode 9, comprehensive references are made to Captain Future. This is one actual late \"70s anime series based top top 1940s pulp fiction works which to be (as Ichika mentions) primarily written by Edmond Hamilton. Though tiny of the was adjusted into English, it was, indeed, quite well-known in various other languages. The song used throughout the episode was among the series\" best-known themes.

In Episode 9, the prologue is being claimed in the same layout as the intro of the anime \"Captain Future\".

In Episode 9, the track Lawry sings (\"Sabishii room Man\") is an really insert song from the anime \"Captain Future\", sang by among the characters.

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In Episode 10, the prologue music is a parody that the music because that the brothers TV series UFO.

In Episode 12, Elis, Manami & Aoi\"s spacesuit is a parody of Tekkaman Blade

In Episode 12, Elis, Manami and also Aoi will have actually a fight riding on your ship identical to main point Fighter indigenous Mobile suit Gundam ZZ

In Episode 12, Elis, Manami and also Aoi will use their special Triple Attack, is a parody that VolTekker from Tekkaman tongue II

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