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Casio PCR-T2100 Cash Register

The stylish PCR-T2100 through a medium size metal cash drawer through slot lends itself to tool sized retail applications. The PCR-T2100 has actually a big three (3) alpha/numeric back-lit screen showing the transaction total, last item entered and it\"\"s price. Combined electronic payment (credit/gift card) is an available option. The PCR-T2100 uses 30 room keys and also 2,000 PLU number to record their sales

Compact & Sleek cabinet style 30 department secrets Clerks (50) Operator LCD screen with 2 heat Alpha/1 line numeric twin station thermal printer (58mm) v drop & load document loading graphic & Watermark logo printing ~ above receipt Com port for intergrated electronic payment period verification Medium-sized slot cash drawer (5 bill/5 coin) dimensions & Weight: 8.4\" (H) x 15.7\" (W) x 17.7\" (D)/ 22 lbs. Walk not assistance multidrawer kit

Technical Information

number of Price Look-ups: 2000 variety of Clerks: 50 variety of Departments: 30 variety of Cash Drawers: 1 publish Technology: thermal Lock Type: vital Lock Features: Customer screen Electronic Journal logo Printing Controls/Indicators variety of Clerk screen Lines: 2 number of Clerk screen Characters: 10 number of Customer display screen Lines: 2 number of Customer screen Characters: 16 Total number of Keys: 10 variety of Programmable Keys: 8 power Description variety of Batteries Supported: 2 Battery Size: AA Environmental conditions Temperature: 32F (0C) come 104F (40C) operating Humidity: 10 come 90% Physical attributes Height: 8.4\" Width: 15.7\" Depth: 17.7\" weight (Approximate): 22.00 lb

Programming is required in order to have the cash register run with the second drawer.

Customer Reviews

Casio PCR-T2100 Cash Register

4 out of 5

Written byRuby Sims

July 26, 2011

it’s a an extremely simple device to set up. Register functions smoothly and also has a nice screen - i m sorry is basic for me and customers come read. Love it. Thanks to!

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5 the end of 5

Written byCaleb

February 11, 2010

Recieved prior to delivery date, can not say anything but the finest for your service. Gene