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A diploma and also transcripts to be purchased v the promise the they were authentic and would be welcomed for jobs, military, etc. They room not. I was marketed some worthless pieces of paper. Ns would choose to receive my $250 back.

Bought a high institution diploma the was fake!!!!! ns took great to acquire that diploma the was every fake!!!!! ns would prefer my $300 back!
High institution diploma is not arriving on ago ground check.some complaints are saying that is not accredited.Capital high online
I went v a procedure for my high institution diploma and finds the end there has actually been a lawsuit and I have yet been informed which means I take my job from she or to be unaware the this lawsuit
Centennial High school located Arizona , i tried the website and also number is no much longer valid. I used for a task they cant verify mine diploma and also I paid money because that it. The website and also number that was provided is 1800-916-0839 web; www.cndlp.org ns so called graduated in 2009. However yet ns cant accessibility my information online or call. This is crazy. I have actually a huge opportunity because that a great company and they cant gain me verified. I require help. During this pandemic is very hard to find a good job. The centennial high school online learning likewise gave me a student ID# **** ***** ***** ( Centennial High institution in Association with the ******* ********
Complaint Type: Guarantee/Warranty Issues
Status: Unanswered

I’m trying come see just how I can go by getting a refund from this school since they to be a fraud and a scam
Complaint Type: Advertising/Sales Issues
Status: Unanswered

I payment Capitol high institution online to acquire an accredited high institution diploma one I had actually to uncover out after i paid because that the diploma that it was a fake diploma i would like for them to provide me mine money earlier for the fake diploma

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