Cape Vincent Correctional facility is a medium security level State Prison located in the city the Cape Vincent, Iowa. The facility houses Male offenders who are convicted for crimes i m sorry come under Iowa state and also federal laws. The State prison was opened up in 1998 The facility has actually a volume of 882 inmates, which is the maximum lot of beds per facility.

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The facility is component of Cape Vincent, new York justice district, which has actually 0 facilities in total.

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882 capacity
Cape Vincent, new York Judicial ar

Locating one Inmate in Cape Vincent Correctional basic

The best way to find or obtain information of any kind of inmate at this time incarcerated in Cape Vincent Correctional facility is to contact the State prison for details on the inmate or visit them digital at

Be authorized

Make sure an inmate you space visiting have actually placed friend on your approved visiting list.

Be all set to Cape Vincent Correctional facility Visiting rules

For info on official policy that outlines the regulations and also procedures for visiting a Cape Vincent Correctional facility inmate contact the facility straight via 315-654-4100 call number.

Visitation Days and also Hours

For an ext information on when you can visit one inmate and also get directions call the State prison directly.

Visiting a Cape Vincent Correctional facility inmate top top holidays:

The inmate will certainly be educated as to any type of changes come the "normal" visitation schedule due to holidays and/or any special commitments.

USP basic Visiting hrs

How to Send a Mail/Care Package to an Inmate?

Inmates have the right to receive letters from their household members and friends, and also packages from house with prior composed approval from the inmate"s unit team or authorized staff member at Cape Vincent Correctional Facility.

To make certain the mail and package friend are sending out comes under authorized item list and also for much more clarification contact the State Prison administration at 315-654-4100. Another option because that contacting the basic is reaching out via email at OSIComplaint

You can also shot to call the facility by getting to out come them on society media platforms. Visit their Facebook web page here.

For sending out a mail or a treatment package come an Cape Vincent Correctional facility State jail inmate friend should have actually the following information ~ above the parcel:

Inmate letter 1 Inmate mail 2 Freight and also non-USPS parcels staff Mail

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