I have actually tried come upload .mp4s to mine iPod before, however all the would execute is display a screenshot of the video and beat the audio. Is over there a means to in reality watch the video clip and have actually the audio play as well?


The 6th Generation iPod Nano does no support video decoding or playback1.

However, it can demux video files and also play any kind of supported audio streams in those files2. Instead of the video stream, it display screens a single keyframe. This is valuable for music videos or podcasts, whereby you could still desire to hear to the audio only, however it"s no the same thing together full video clip playback.

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Note that the 5th- and also 7th-gen both support video clip decoding and playback3; its omission indigenous the 6th-gen appears to be an anomaly.

1 Sources: everymac.com, barisalcity.org.com, wikipedia.org.2 Source: ilounge.com.3 Sources: 5th-gen, 7th-gen. Because that those devices, handbrake is a great option, together per


a .Mp4 is not a video format per say, yet rather a container. The audio and video content room then encoded with various codecs and also placed into the container. What problem is the codec that it is encoded with. Since the video is not playing yet the audio is, I"d guess the video codec is not compatible..

I think the only style that ios tools support is the H.264 codec.

In bespeak to get your video to play, girlfriend will need to transform the video file into a layout that the ipod deserve to play. Over there are numerous software packages available that can do this project for you. Some are free, and also some room not.

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You might look at handbrake.


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