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one of the an ext exciting parts of Nintendo’s mini NES announcement this morning was the ease of access of an NES classic Controller, which will certainly be sold independently for $9.99. If you"ve currently got a Wii U and also a repertoire of NES gamings on the online Console, you might not be interested in the (adorable) mini NES ... However don"t ignore its controller. The mini NES console has two distinct controller port that, if you’ve never used a Wii remote somehow, might not be familiar to you.

the course, these space the exact same ports that appear on the bottom that the Wii Remote, used to attach anything from a Nunchuck controller or a Wii activity Plus dongle to the classic or standard Pro controllers.

this is what that unwieldy setup watch like, v an initial Wii classic Controller tethered come a Wii Remote because that wireless play:


"When associated to a Wii remote controller, the NES standard Controller can also be used to play digital Console NES gamings on a Wii U or Wii system," this morning’s press release reads.

If playing digital Console games with an NES pad sounds choose a great idea to you (and it most likely should!) however you already have some original controllers in ~ home, friend can constantly purchase one adapter, like this one:

the course, then you’ll it is in saddled v a Wii Remote linked to this adapter linked to your initial NES (or at sight NES!) controller i m sorry ... Well, it sound pretty cumbersome, to be honest.

When it involves using the brand-new NES standard controller for your Wii or Wii U digital Console games, however, that a bit of a bargain if you a pan of the design and also don’t desire to spend money top top a secondary Classic or classic Pro controller. In ~ $9.99 a controller, that’s around $40 cheaper than picking up a standard Controller Pro straight on Amazon. Friend still require a Wii far to use the NES standard controller for her Wii U online Console games though, and also if friend don’t have actually one of those lie around, grabbing an main one from Nintendo will expense you around $40 ~ above Amazon.

It’s necessary to note that if the NES standard controller will work with virtual Console gamings on the Wii U and Wii, it won’t be sustained by other games, so this can’t replace your other controllers entirely.

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The mini NES console and also its NES standard Controller will be easily accessible to acquisition in stores on Nov. 11 because that $59.99 and also $9.99, respectively.