okay here"s the situation. They have actually three quarter inch galvanized pipeline going v the concrete wall where they water tap bib top top it come the outside. Around 40 years old. 2 years back it froze outside and cracked and broke. Walking to placed frost complimentary on.so inside the wall the basement and also it"s best up against the cement through very tiny wiggle room. 2 by 2 inch wall surface paneling ~ above one side. My question is have the right to I use a shark bite.I"ve never use a shark bite before but in the situation I think it would certainly make it a lot easier since I won"t have the ability to thread the pipe since its so close come the wall and there"s no room. What execute you think?

From the Sharkbite design specification the looks choose the only "approved" types of pipes room hard attracted copper, CPVC and pex. No cite of approved use on galv pipes. So probably not an option. Besides the OD the galv tube is greater than the OD the copper because that a comparable ID correct? - in which situation the SB is no going to fit.http://www.sharkbite.com/sharkbite/w...cPckg_2014.pdf


if girlfriend can uncover someone with megapress. It"s propress for steel, however as much as i understand it"s no approved for gal, just black stole pipe. Rick.

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think you"re going to have to go further back either to an additional nipple or fitting and make your shift there bud,can"t unthread the nipple from the valve?I average if it"s been turn off for 2 yrs girlfriend obviously have an isolation suggest somewhere.
if friend can discover someone with megapress. It"s propress for steel, yet as much as i understand it"s no approved for gal, only black stole pipe.Rick.
Don"t know much about Megapress. Is it expected for gas lines? Is the gun the very same as for pro-press with different fittings or are the guns various as well?I wonder if NHMaster has any thoughts ~ above this subject

if girlfriend can find someone v megapress. It"s propress because that steel, however as far as i know it"s not approved because that gal, just black stole pipe.Rick.
This might be the winner for many useless article of the year."Hey Jerad, if you can find someone v this one-of-a-kind tool, the won"t work and you can"t usage it." WTH?

It was useless enough to carry you out of hibernation. You need to be sitting all day and also night because that the last 17 job to show up out of nowhere.hows your wood carving coming? giving up on plumbing anytime soon?Rick.
stupidly because I remained in a rush this morning ns left without acquisition an after snapshot but I ended up using a compression fitting.
I cannot see any type of photo as soon as I click on the link. Not sure if it"s my browser or other wrong with the forum.
It to be useless sufficient to carry you the end of hibernation.you need to be sitting all day and night for the last 17 days to appear out of nowhere.hows your lumber carving coming? offering up on pipes anytime soon?Rick.
No, no sitting every day and night to appear out that nowhere. I peek in once in awhile. Just not often.Wood carving? Haven"t even started.Giving up on plumbing? not yet but maybe sometime. It"s getting too easy. Take away less and less skill everyday.

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I recently spent part time v the Sporlan Rep. They have actually press modern technology now because that HVAC lines. In for a penny, in for a pound ns guess. In some ways though, I expect I"d rather push HVAC lines 보다 silver solder them which is what fairly a few hacks are doing this days. Pollution is a big issue through the new POE oils and aziotropic refrigerants that are not tolerant of any kind of contamination whatsoever. Therefore the very recommended procedure of running nitrogen the whole time the line is gift brazed. Even so, we still push purge after and also run heat dryer/filtration. Press fittings would reduce the require for a running purge return everyone yet a fool would still pressurize and purge after ~ the fact. Ah, mega press. Well, kind if a niche tool. Might come in handy because that an inline repair however the fitting cost kind of precludes making use of the fittings for whole job. Ns don"t check out my 300"s walking away too soon. Native what I"m seeing lately, CSST has actually pretty lot overrun the sector in much the same means pex has.