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I have actually a round wood point on the kitchen table that is staineddark. It’s no a lazy susan, however, I may turn it into a lazy susan.The hardwood is no nice feather ( i think that pine) The table is walnutso this thing every one of a suddenly is bothering me. :sad:I desire to spray it through a red rustoleum repaint that I have actually on hand.In order to further protect it, (this thing gets a workout)I to be planning on giving it a few coats of water basic poly(?) to help it native scuffing or scratching. Us made a charging crate that i painted making use of red craft paint, thenafter it dried completely I provided it a few coats the butchers wax. The holding increase fine, however, the table thing takes a beating, soI desire extra protection. Advise welcomed... Or must I just sand it a bit,spray paint it and also skip the poly?
You"d need to sand the rustoleum in order because that the water based poly to adhere well. IMO you"d be better off with numerous coats of a better oil basic enamel.

You"d have to sand the rustoleum in order for the water based poly to adhere well. IMO you"d be better off with several coats the a better oil base enamel.
Mark, i was hope you would respond. Do you meana water basic enamel red paint? The factor I want to use the rustoleum is I already have it, and I likethe color. To usage the water base poly...would i just have to offer it one sanding after I do the rustoleum,or sanding between each coat of water base poly? The factor I want to carry out the water basic was due to the fact that I wanted an immediate gratification project, and not having actually to wait 24 hours in between coats.Oh, hell, maybe I should simply spray it and wait a couple of days climate usebutchers wax? This is a trouble for me, overthinking everything. :sad:
Oil base enamels are much more durable 보다 latex enamels. Aerosol paints are usually oil base however they are dramatically thinned so it have the right to atomize out of the can. The takes a lot of coats to equal 1-2 coats that brushed ~ above paint. Applying water based poly over any kind of enamel calls for sanding very first to insure adhesion. I seldom use waterbased poly yet would assume a light sanding in between coats would certainly be best. That said I don"t recommend using poly over paint. If the best enamel is used the poly yes, really serves no purpose.

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+1 top top NO POLY needed. Even a water-based poly can transform the color, even if it is ever so slightly. Ns spray painted a salt and also pepper shaker around 8 years ago and they have held up just fine through grubby hands on castle continually. Just apply as countless coats as it takes to acquire the color and also finish to fill in properly. Truthfully, i wouldn"t even sand the Rustoleum if you do certainly intend to use some poly. You run the risk of scratching the fresh paint.
Truthfully, ns wouldn"t also sand the Rustoleum if you do certainly intend to use some poly. You operation the hazard of scratching the fresh paint.
I agree over there is a well line in between promoting adhesion and also leaving unsightly sanding scratches however would water based poly adhere well to rustoleum enamel there is no sanding?
Thanks guys, This is the an answer that I wanted to hear! No Poly!I offered it 2 coats...I walk a ‘metal’ lampshade a few yearsago through this very same paint, and additionally our external ‘metal’ suet feederroof v the very same paint. Being the this was ‘wood’ and also going in the kitchen withgrubby finger prints on it, i was wondering if I have to poly it? happy the price is - No Poly Needed! :smile:
I have actually put poly end paint numerous times. It gives it that deep clear coated look. I also have a rojo tray table point I sprayed through a metallic blue spray paint, climate put 4 or five poly clean coats on it there is no sanding, and it came out sweet, and also its resilient as hell. I THINK it was waterborne poly the end of a spray can... Im about 95% sure.So, from experience, i say yes, you can absolutely execute it, if you desire that look, however absolutely not needed.

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Well, I just bought that upstairs and put the on the table. The looks verynice practically like a Japan finish. :smile: its a lovely color red. :smile:I’ll take it a pic tomorrow, it demands 24 hours to completely dry.
Well, it came out very pretty. Looks much much better painted red top top thewalnut table climate it looked stained. Ns happy! :smile: The color is early american Red (gloss) The head knot provided it a :thumbsup:Now i’m looking roughly to see what else have the right to use a red sprucing up! :smile:I have actually a tiny stained glass lamp on my counter, i’m thinking about doingthe basic of the lamp. :smile: ...or maybe just do the middle of the bodyand leaving the bottom antique bronze?
What is the objective of that? just to turn the tree around?Each come his own but I"d have used the ugliness together an forgive to remove the thing totally instead that making that look better. Currently you will certainly never have the ability to get rid of it.I don"t recognize if this is a design thing nowadays our local document ran a story this weekend mirroring some house that an internal designer had put with each other as the cat"s meow, and OMG the location looked more cluttered 보다 a mexican Bazaar.The wood on the table is beautiful why cover it up v kitsch? (Or, a Dunsel, if your a ST-TOS fan)
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