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Keurig coffee makers, seen here, offer the opportunity to brew a single cup the the perfect beverage. However, this method that the device generally make reservation one cup the water for fairly rapid brewing.

If you placed milk in the reservoir you’ll wind up with spoiled milk trapped in the reservoir. Examine out our guide on exactly how to acquire water out of a Keurig to start the cleaning procedure right away.

If friend really like frothed milk beverages and coffee additions, you deserve to invest in other tools the will heat milk there is no rotting your coffeemaker native the within out.

For example, the Keurig coffee shop One-Touch Milk Frother is perfect tool because that warming milk and also is easy to empty completely and clean.

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The limitations of Milk
as well Late! I added Milk come The Reservoir
burning vs Spoiling
final Thoughts

The constraints of Milk

Of course, among the handiest things about a Keurig coffee device is that you have the right to leave water standing in it because that the next brew. Milk, unfortunately, doesn’t tolerate being left in ~ room temperature for a long time and also will spoil.

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You will require to include fresh, cold milk to every little thing warming device you use before frothing or heating your milk and not in her Keurig’s water reservoir.

Too Late! I added Milk come The Reservoir

If someone has already tried to do the perfect latte or hot cocoa by including milk to the water reservoir, you’ll require to get out her manual and also take the coffeemaker apart come get all of the liquid the end of it.

Cleaning a Keurig through running repetitive cups of warm water with the tool will dilute the milk, yet you must empty it completely and replace any kind of filters girlfriend find prior to putting it ago together.​

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Burning vs Spoiling

If you notification a solid odor immediately following the enhancement of milk to your Keurig, be aware that the odor originates from burning, no from spoiling.

Burned milk can regularly be taken up v steel structure on exterior surfaces, yet it might not be possible to access the internal materials of her Keurig.

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Final Thoughts

Your Keurig reservoir is extremely valuable in rapidly impending a good cup of personalized coffee, however milk is no a an excellent addition.

Consider investing in a water filtration pitcher or a spot in the refrigerator for Keurig water to remind everyone in your household and office the water is the just liquid to be run with the Keurig!​