These terms and also conditions apply to all physical and also digital/email Gift Cards purchased, obtained, redeemed, or provided in the united States and also its territories.Gift Cards may be used toward purchases online, through phone, or in-store, subject to this terms and conditions. If you have the larger Gift Card variation without a PIN, those Gift Cards can only be used in-store.Coupon/discount codes may not be supplied to acquisition a Gift Card uneven specified; coupon/discount codes may be offered when redeeming a Gift Card.Our Gift Cards never expire and have no organization or dormancy fees.Gift Cards may not it is in exchanged or redeemed because that cash unless forced by law.Gift Cards might not be offered to purchase another Gift Card.Gift Cards are not replaceable if lost, stolen, or provided by a 3rd party without your permission.You may redeem up to 5 Gift Cards every transaction.Gift Cards might not it is in obtained, used, redeemed, or used to any type of purchase in a manner the is fraudulent, deceptive, misleading, unfair, or harmful to Foot Locker, its brands, that affiliates, or that customers.Gift Cards might not be obtained, used, redeemed, or applied to any purchase in a manner that is inconsistent through and/or designed to circumvent or violate (a) these Terms and Conditions, (b) constraints or constraints that Foot Locker areas on purchases, orders, reservations, or offers, or (c) the terms and conditions the other offers or programs readily available by Foot Locker, such together the FLX Program and the Launch reservation program.Gift Cards might not be used for unauthorized advertising, marketing, sweepstakes, promotional, or commercial purposes.If Foot Locker suspects that Gift Cards room being obtained, used, redeemed, or applied to any purchase, reservation, or order contrary to these Terms and also Conditions, limitations or restrictions that Foot Locker areas on purchases, orders, reservations, or offers, or the terms and conditions of any other uses or programs offered by Foot Locker, Foot Locker reserves the right, in its single discretion and also without prior notice to you, to: (a) cancel, suspend, or limit any type of purchases, orders, or reservations, (b) refuse to accept Gift Cards in connection with certain purchases, orders, or reservations, (c) border the variety of gift cards that might be offered for any purchase, order, or reservation, (d) require an alternative type of payment, and/or (e) cancel, suspend, or end accounts, memberships, or the ability to usage or take part in specific services or programs.

Foot Locker Gift Certificates are subject come the above Terms and also Conditions applicable to Gift Cards, and also the below added terms and conditions:

If you have the older record gift certificate version, usage the 9-digit number and 6-digit pin to redeem.