After striking end 150 strike almost everywhere matches throughout a number of surfaces, we deserve to confidently say that the UCO Strike anywhere Matches space the ideal strike everywhere matches available today.

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However, there’s poor news.

According to commercial Revolution, the device of UCO products, they have — like countless other brands — recently discontinued their strike everywhere matches:


Due to this, the UCO matches space now coming to be harder and also harder to find. If you’re lucky, you can find them in ~ Academy or Cabela’s. (The persons I used for this test i purchased at Academy.)

If girlfriend can’t find the UCO matches, the Runner-up brand from our tests to be Diamond Greenlight Strike almost everywhere Matches. Though some digital commenters talk poorly about these matches, we found the huge ones to occupational well. They to be a close 2nd to the UCO matches. Follow to Jarden residence Brands, the device of Diamond Greenlights, here’s wherein you can uncover them:


The last brand us tested was Penley Strike anywhere Matches. They were by much the worst. They’ve additionally been discontinued because that a if now. While friend may be able to find this matches online, as I did, ns recommend you very first read around why I’ll never buy strike all over matches digital again.

Besides figuring the end which strike almost everywhere matches are any type of good, our hand-operated tests taught united state that strike almost everywhere matches space a dice breed. Diamond Greenlights space the only strike almost everywhere matches widely obtainable today. All other significant brands, consisting of everyone’s favorite Ohio Blue Tips, have actually been discontinued.

If you space serious about finding strike anywhere matches, though, this is my reference to you:

First, visit your local Academy and Cabela’s stores. Friend might, if you’re lucky, find some UCO Strike all over Matches. However, if you don’t, next visit the stores pointed out in the above email from Jarden house Brands and look because that Diamond Greenlight Strike anywhere Matches. If you still haven’t found any after that, you could be SOL.

On the various other hand, if you simply need trusted matches that are simple to light, i recommend you take into consideration waterproof matches and stormproof matches (stormproof matches room windproof and also waterproof).

Why You have to Trust Me

First off, we didn’t accept any kind of matches for free from any type of companies. Instead, we invested our very own money to purchase the strike almost everywhere matches contained in this test.

Second, I spent the better part of a day trial and error the matches side-by-side by striking over 150 of lock on a variety of different surfaces and also recording the results. It is indigenous these outcomes that ns have attracted my conclusions.


The 150+ matches ns struck in my side-by-side tests.

How I decided Which Strike anywhere Matches come Test

We usually have actually a selection process to narrow under the number of products contained in a side-by-side test. Because that this one, though, ns didn’t do that.

Why not?

Because many brands of strike almost everywhere matches have been discontinued. So, instead, I decided to test every brand of strike almost everywhere matches I can get my hand on. Ns scoured the internet and also purchased the ones I can find over there (something I’ll never ever do again), then i drove about to five various stores in my area and searched there.

After every that, I had actually three different brands of strike everywhere matches:


To mine knowledge, there room no other brands of strike anywhere matches widely accessible in the United states at this time.

How ns Tested

My score in doing these hands-on tests to be to discover which strike all over matches were best. Come me, the finest strike anywhere matches to be the ones the would many reliably light as soon as struck on one assortment of surfaces.

My exam focused roughly striking the matches on a number of surfaces you can find in the outdoors or approximately your house. The surfaces experiment were:

Side of the matchboxA item of firewoodA rockA brickAnother match

I likewise hand counted and weighed two boxes of every brand to obtain an average enhance count and weight and also lit 5 matches of each brand and timed how long it take it them come burn to obtain an median burn time. Finally, I preserved a tally that how numerous matches of each brand damaged while trying to strike them.

Our top Pick (if you Can uncover It)

After all our tests, we think the UCO Strike almost everywhere Matches room the ideal strike everywhere matches available today. However, as I mentioned above, they have recently been discontinued.

Discontinued products usually aren’t contained in ours articles, yet I determined to encompass these matches for two reasons:

Any brand of strike almost everywhere matches is difficult to come by in the united state at this timeYou quiet might have the ability to find part UCO matches at Academy or Cabela’s

The UCO matches got our height Pick award because, once we win them across all our experimentation surfaces, much more of lock lit than any type of other brand. Here is how countless lit throughout our tests, damaged down by striking surface:

Side the matchbox: 10/10Wood: 10/10Brick: 10/10Rock: 10/10Another match: 1/10

These matches were also easy come light. They largely took just one or two strikes.


From top to bottom, UCO, Penley, Diamond Greenlight

The UCO matches were shorter and thinner 보다 the various other two brands in our test, yet — besides a shorter average burn time — there was no real downside to this. I was anticipating the the UCO matches would certainly break an ext often 보다 the various other brands, but this was no the case.

Finally, since the UCO matches room shorter, thinner, and also come in small boxes with 32 matches, they are best for camping, backpacking, or any kind of outdoor task where you desire to minimize load weight. The average weight that a box of UCO matches to be 0.23 oz as contrasted to end 2.4 oz because that the other two brands.

An unfortunately reminder, though, is that you likely won’t uncover these matches. They have actually been discontinued. Your finest best is come visit your neighborhood Academy and Cabela’s, however I predict lock will shortly be gone from keep shelves.

Our Runner-up (You’ll Probably have to Buy This Brand)

The Diamond Greenlight Strike almost everywhere Matches to be a close second to our top Pick. As result of that, we offered this brand our Runner-up award, and it’s the brand you’ll probably have actually to get if you’re serious around buying strike anywhere matches.


Because lock are, as much as I deserve to tell, the only strike anywhere matches widely accessible in the United claims at this time. View the email in the introduction for details on wherein you can uncover them.

Some civilization talk poorly about them online, yet the big ones performed well in our tests. Castle lit easily on wood, rock, and brick, though no as conveniently or consistently as our optimal Pick. Below are the results, broken down by striking surface, the how countless matches lit successfully:

Side that matchbox: 10/10Wood: 10/10Brick: 8/10Rock: 9/10Another match: 1/10

These matches burned for an typical of nearly 40 seconds throughout our Burn Time Test, the longest that the three options.

One downside because that campers and also backpackers, though, is that these matches come in big and bulky boxes. The median box weight was 2.785 oz. For the reason, this matches aren’t the best for acquisition camping or backpacking. If you want a lightweight box of matches because that those activities, ns recommend you look for our top Pick or a crate of waterproof or stormproof matches.

The 3rd Brand us Tested & Why You must Avoid It

The third and final brand in ours side-by-side test was Penley Strike almost everywhere Matches. We carry out not introduce you to buy this brand at all — also if it’s the only one you deserve to find.

It to be very difficult to light this matches on any kind of surface other than the next of the matchbox. Here are the results, damaged down by striking surface, that how plenty of matches lit successfully:

Side that matchbox: 10/10Wood: 3/10Brick: 3/10Rock: 1/10Another match: 1/10

In our minds, v these paltry numbers, the matches shouldn’t also be called strike almost everywhere matches.

You won’t find these matches in any stores. They have actually long to be discontinued. I included them in the test because I bought lock online. However, i recommend you read about why I’ll never buy strike everywhere matches virtual again prior to deciding to perform so yourself.

NOTE: Some civilization reminisce online about these matches together if they were high-quality. Despite unlikely, I could have received a bad batch.

A good Brand available for Canadians

This site is targeted in the direction of a united state audience, however we do have a fair amount of Canadian readers. So, I want to share with our Canadian reader something that turned up in my research.

A fourth brand, Redbird Strike all over Matches, appears to it is in widely available in Canada. You deserve to buy the matches at stores such as Canadian Tire. You lucky Canadians!

What’s more, they show up to work an extremely well as demonstrated in this video clip (the boy in it lights matches by striking them against glass and his teeth, among other things):

Also, side note, I recognize nothing the the shipping legislations in Canada concerning strike anywhere matches. Ns recommend law a small research right into the regulations yourself if you desire to order some online.

Alternatives to Strike almost everywhere Matches

Strike everywhere matches room harder and harder come come by with each pass year. So, to conclude, I want to imply some alternatives if friend can’t find — or decide you don’t want to purchase — strike almost everywhere matches.

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If it’s matches friend want, consider a box of great waterproof or stormproof matches. Or, if you simply need to begin a fire, friend could always get a great backpacking lighter or fire starter.