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But when he entered the store and emptied the contents of his envelope on the counter for a salesman come review, his confident mood changed.

“All this stuff is simply older gold filled and also gold plated costume jewelry,” the salesman said. “It"s no worth refining.”

“But doesn"t the contain yellow anyway?” the client asked. “Can’t you refine it and also pay me because that the worth of the yellow it contains? It’s got to be worth something!”

“No,” the salesperson said, “as I just told you, there is not sufficient gold below to stroked nerves with. Have you got a daughter or some nieces? I imply you just provide it to them. Have actually a nice day.”

So the man went home, discovered Specialty metals Smelters and also Refiners online, and called us up. After he described his instance to us, we said that he fold up the Manila envelope, load it increase in one Express mail mailer, and also send that to us to be tested. And also do you recognize what? we were able to simply extract the gold the was had in his mixed bag the items and also send him prompt payment because that $75 because that the gold they contained.

Now, you might be asking, isn"t that a really tiny amount that money for a combined bag that items? Well, that would be one means to look at it. But the other means to look in ~ it is that the man had actually two choices. He might either send it come us and receive payment because that $75 or placed that Manila envelope in his dresser drawer and forget about it, never getting the worth in cash because that the gold the the jewelry contained.

Your much better Option for Gold-Filled Jewelry

Why were us able come extract the gold from those gold-filled items and pay the client the full value that the gold they contained, at current trading prices?

There is a basic answer to that question! the is the we have actually the equipment, knowledge and expertise come extract the small quantities of gold that gold-filled item of jewel contain, and also to salary our client promptly your worth at present trading prices.

Your neighborhood “We purchase Gold” save doesn"t have actually the equipment and also knowledge to carry out it. Neither does your neighborhood jewelry store. And also - this is for certain - a pawnshop doesn"t have actually the interest or expertise to execute it because that you either.

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Specialty metals Smelters and also Refiners Is the Go-To source for Recycling Gold-Filled Jewelry!

Want to understand more? Then offer us a contact today at 800-426-2344 and tell us around your gold filled jewelry! our precious steel consultants are standing by to tell you exactly how to turn those supposedly low- value items right into bright glowing cash.