The intramural organization at my college doesn't enable it. Is that legal because that beach or various other indoor leagues?


Here's a GIF native the 2012 Olympics. Http://

A the majority of leagues have this dominion for player safety. Inexperienced players have actually a much better chance that hurting who if castle say, kick because that the round as someone rather is going through their hands. Otherwise kicking the ball is really much allowed. No recommended, yet allowed.

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I guess mine school many likely has the dominance for security reasons. I m sorry is too poor because I'm a man that can't pass really well and using mine foot is occasionally the far better option.

Yep you can hit the sphere with any part of her body, consisting of your feet. In fact kicking it to be a favourite tactic the the defensively-challenged middles on my university team.

It is allowed. Commonly only used as a last resort as most civilization will have actually e much more control v their hands. The sucks once you room going for a ball and also your team mate goes to kick it. I'd rather human being not kick my sphere either.

Our libero had a kick for sure that came to be a perfect set to our outside. There was no block and also it to be pretty lot right ~ above the tape. HE take it IT to SPIKE TOWN

Obviosuly relies on what rules they space using...I've played it 3 ways

Yes, noþeles goes.

No, nothing below the belt is legal

Below the belt "digs" are legal yet you can't purposely kick the ball. In various other words, if it hits off her leg/foot, it's legitimate so lengthy as friend didn't intentionally move to have it fight there.

My AAU league permits it but only if you room really going because that a ball and also it take it a many athletic capability and you actually acquire your foot on it they speak to it spectacularity ir something favor that

False. You may likewise kick the ball in beach volleyball. The only rule against kicking is the you can't kick the serve.

It's greatly legal (as everyone has actually stated) in all large leagues.

It came to be legal because:

balls would certainly hit off people's feet when trying to obtain a dig and also missing.

At the network after a touch it would certainly come down and hit someones foot.

Depends top top the league. USA Volleyball states that it's legal. I remember especially in a competition in St. Luigi I saved the sphere with my foot and also it to be counted together legal. Countless coaches consider it to it is in lazy play, however, so it's no recommended. You likewise get far better control as soon as you use your hands, so it's no recommended in that method too.

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