How old space most world on IMVU?

The main point audience is 65 percent female, and also the average period is 25. About 50 percent space in the U.S. “We monetized through very retained, permanent users,” said Brett Durrett (pictured), chief executive, management of IMVU, in an exclusive interview with GamesBeat.

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Can you have actually babies top top IMVU?

jasmine837583​ – girlfriend don’t really gain pregnant on IMVU, you need to buy a pregnant avatar. They have them in different stages the pregnancy. Then ultimately when girlfriend are prepared to have actually the baby, the shop likewise has babies. Just search the shop for v keywords like BIRTH, PREGNANT, PREGNANCY, and BABY.

How old perform you need to be to authorize up because that IMVU?

If you space 18 or larger in actual life, you may pick to current your period as noþeles as lengthy as it is likewise 18 or above. However, if you room a minor, you need to sign up through your actual age. If for any reason you great to change or correct your age, you might do for this reason by submit a help Ticket.

How plenty of IMVU members space there in the world?

IMVU members use 3D avatars to meet new people, chat, create, and also play games. IMVU had actually over four million active users in 2014. Current number of active players room 6M+, and currently the site has the largest virtual goods catalog of an ext than 40 million items.

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Is the OK to let your kid play IMVU?

If you space thinking about letting your child on this video game think again! Imvu is a very innopropiate game aimed at adolescents which contains innopropiate dance move such together – Twerking and also sex poses.There is a place you can shop ~ above imvu which has actually a many stuff mostly casual stuff yet …

What can I perform with mine IMVU account?

Additionally, there are plenty of user-produced third-party website providing extr forums and resources come the IMVU community. IMVU customers are likewise able to conduct peer testimonial on virtual assets waiting to it is in submitted right into the IMVU catalog, through a price of 10 promo-credits every product review.

How old carry out you need to be to obtain an IMVU?

When you set up an IMVU account, girlfriend are compelled to verify that you’re 18 years old or the parent or guardian of a user who is at least 13 years old.

How carry out you buy an er verification in IMVU?

hover your computer mouse over Credits and click on buy Credits. … you are provided 3 attempts come verify your period through our digital form.

How carry out you log in in to IMVU?


Imvu Login Step-by-step Instructions open your wanted web browser, such as Firefox or net Explorer, and go to Click the yellow “Member Login” connect at the top, right hand corner of the Imvu page. A login area will immediately pop up in the very same grey banner. Kind your avatar name right into the first box the is labeled “Avatar/Email”.

How carry out you authorize out of IMVU?

To log the end of IMVU 3D Chat, simply click on the authorize Out attach on the upper-right hand corner. You may likewise right-click top top the IMVU logo in your device tray and select authorize Out.