Currently, i am the lone survivor that the war on Smith-Summertime-Flu-Like-Illness-2015.

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You name the symptom and also someone in my family has had it: fever, cough, runny nose, congestion, headache, ill throat, vomiting ... I might go on.

All of these symptoms room annoying. To run to grab the “puke bowl” once your 4 year old is “frowing up” is no my idea of a funny nor calm Wednesday evening. Trying to discern if his “headache” is yes, really a headache, or heat or the at an early stage stages the some destructive bout through meningitis is not an excellent for this pediatrician’s heart (nor his wife’s ~ she check out this.It’s not meningitis, babe, i promise).

But the many annoying of every these symptoms because that me is cough. When I have actually a cough, i generally shot my finest to keep it in for as long as i can, and also let it go just prior to I feel favor I’m going to drown in post-nasal drip. As soon as my 6 year old has actually a cough, I’m pretty sure he feels favor it is his duty to relax that sneeze every five seconds. I think the does thisjust to remind me the he’s not feeling well and also I haven’t given him anything come help.

Why don’t I give my kids cough medicines?

I don’t give cough medication to my kids due to the fact that they don’t work.

They yes, really don’t.


The hard thing around this truth is that they were a staple of pediatric treatment for decades.Cough and also cold medications were an initial approved for use in youngsters in 1976.There were no researches done to determine if they worked or what the suitable dosing have to be. Ns think the procedure back then went something prefer this:

“Why not give half the adult dose for youngsters 5-12 and a quarter for the adult sheep for children age 2-5?”

“Sounds good to me, let’s carry out this.” (Or maybe “Right on!” or “Groovy!” i don’t know, it was the 1970s.)

Since 1976 there have actually been number of studies looking in ~ the usage of cough and cold medicines. The many recent evaluation of the 25 best studies done proclaimed this as a conclusion: “There is no great evidence for or against the effectiveness of OTC (over the counter) medications for acute cough.”

I don’t offer cough medicine to my kids since they can cause problems.

Side effects, even serious, also fatal ones, can take place as a an outcome of giving youngsters (especially those under 6) sneeze medicines.

If you want to review some scary stories check out these instance reports from Pediatrics:

1.3 year old ends up in ICU after becoming lethargic, having a slow-moving heart rate, quick breathing and high blood pressure. Diagnosed v toxicity native Dimetapp (in this one us don’t know exactly how much mom gave-could have actually been as well much).

2.3 year old being treated because that pneumonia develops a fast heart rate, so quick that it start to interfere v the heart’s capacity to occupational right. Parental were thinking they were giving Tylenol yet ends increase they were providing Tylenol Cold (acetaminophen, chlorpheniramine and dextromethorphan).

3.9 month old young is discharged native the ER with a diagnosis the pneumonia, law well. Return 12 hrs later after ~ being uncovered cold, blue and not breathing. Regrettably he dies after he is unable to it is in resuscitated. Toxicology on autopsy finds acetaminophen, pseudoephedrine, chlorpheniramine and dextromethorphan in the blood and heart tissue.

It is estimated that about 7.000 youngsters are treated nationwide because that toxicity related to cough and also cold medicinesand64 percentof those are youngsters under 6 year of age.

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Everything inmedicine is around weighing even if it is something works and also if it could be harmful.