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Thanks for coming to We are at this time not answering any brand-new questions in ~ the moment. I m really sorry for any type of inconvenience. If you are in BC, Canada please speak to the BC centre of Excellence in HIV/AIDS (604)-806-8429 for any HIV associated inquiries or call 811.

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Hello, I desire to say thanks to you for your hard work firstI"m a bisexual male, from reading on the internet, I understand that penetrative sex (including oral) carries threat for HIV, therefore I determined to stop from anal, vaginal and oral sex ( I never do them) due to the fact that I understand that gay and also bisexual males room somehow genetically more prone to get HIV. Two days ago I got drunk in a bar and also guy approached me and also we started making out ( no sex). During the act, he gained aggressive and also started biting he gave two hickies on my neck and also one close to my chest, due to the fact that they to be annoying i told him to stop. I made research and also found the end that the CDC documented situations where bites caused HIV transmission. I"m afraid the microscopic amounts of blood indigenous his mouth might of entered my body through microscopic tears resulted in by the hickies ( the hickies space visible, you deserve to see a bruise). What do you think? Also, what do you think around my safer sex approach of refraining indigenous anal vaginal and oral intercourse and also limiting mine encounters come non-penetrative techniques? Is it useful? say thanks to you
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Hi there, thanks for contacting the AIDS Vancouver v your HIV related questions, we"re happy to help!I simply want to clarify some misunderstandings the you it seems to be ~ to have actually first.Penetrative sex does carry a danger for HIV transmission. Unprotected vaginal and anal sex are thought about to it is in High Risk tasks for HIV transmission, whereas protected sex is thought about to it is in Low Risk. Providing oral sex is a Low Risk activity as well, if receiving oral sex is a Negligible risk activity. Additionally, gay and also bisexual males are IN NO WAY genetically much more "prone" to getting HIV. HIV might be much more prevalent in this populations, sure, yet this has actually nothing to perform with genetics. Further, with the good new antiretroviral drugs, and the development of PEP/PREP, we"re see the prices stabilize end the populations, and the ubiquity is no longer dramatically greater among gay and bisexual men. This is a misconception that has no scientific basis. Kissing is No Risk because that HIV together saliva doesn"t transmit HIV. Further, biting would certainly be No Risk as well for the same reason, and likewise for the factor that in order for HIV to establish an infection, it requirements direct accessibility to the bloodstream. In order to acquire direct access to the bloodstream, a wound demands to it is in severe, such as one that"s gushing blood, or requires immediate medical fist such as stitches. "Microscopic tears" or hickies or anything of that kind would not be sufficient, and also would be a No Risk because that HIV transmission. The instances that the CDC documented are most likely extreme cases where a bite resulted in a significant flesh wound.While it"s your decision to do whether or not you desire to usage abstinence together your main an approach of protecting yourself against HIV and STI"s, it might not be necessary or practical. Using security such as prophylactics is really effective, and also getting continual HIV trial and error while sexually active can aid you come be mindful of her HIV status. Return your technique will absolutely work, if this is not exactly how you want to it is in living your life, it"s not something the you have to commit to in stimulate to protect yourself.I expect this helped!Please visit and also for much more information.Sincerely, ChristinaAIDS Vancouver & Confidential
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