I have actually some life string beans that ns left out and ants have been crawling ~ above them. Is it safe to eat the beans also if ns wash and cook them?

Yes I understand I should have put castle in the refrigerator but I forgot.

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Yes. Vegetables particularly are sprayed with, crawled over, dug past and exposed to far worse points than ant feet if they're in the ground. If you feel you must, provide them a rinse, but even if friend don't you're not going come suffer any ill impacts from that.

Is it for sure to eat the beans even if ns wash and cook them?

I think this concern should have actually a an adverse in it:

even if i don't wash and cook them

Washing and also cooking them makes them even an ext safe. I think most vegetables space absolutely finest raw, particularly from a taste standpoint, however boiling/steaming/microwaving will get rid of anything that could be ~ above or in them germ-wise.

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Theoretically the ants could have virus that death you. However so might the sink, the water, your hands, her cutlery, your plates, your gut, your teeth. It's really practically entirely luck and also situation.

It can be millennia prior to a culture of negative germs accidentally it s okay there, it can be milliseconds.

It's an ext about family member risk, noþeles could kill you, however the hazard of ants feet or any of those things I mentioned doing so tends towards astronomically low.

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Especially after cooking, the procedure tends to kill a huge percentage of everything poor for you.


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Created Feb 2, 2013


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