I obtained an exciting inquiry the other day. A womale via a recognized allergy to penicillin had actually an allergic reactivity (rash and also swelling) after eating a product made via real blue cheese. She wondered if blue cheese consists of penicillin since it consists of mold, which led me to execute a little of study.

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Blue or bleu cheese has the mold Penicillium included to it, so that the final product is spotted or veined throughout through blue, blue-gray, or blue-green mold. Some blue cheeses are injected through spores prior to the curds form and also others have actually spores combined in with the curds after they develop. Examples of blue cheeses are Roquefort, Gorgonzola, and also Blue Stilton, or they might sindicate be dubbed blue cheese. I note also that Penicillium camemberti is provided to make Brie and Camembert cheeses.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_cheese

Up to 27 million civilization in North America are allergic to penicillin medication, which is responsible for about 5,440 cases of fatal anaphylaxis per year.** It appears that those that react to blue cheese are allergic to penicillium mold or highly reenergetic to penicillin. I have heard of civilization allergic to the mold and not the medication, and of world allergic to the medication and also not the mold.

If you’re penicillin allergic or have any type of various other factor to feel concerned, please proceed via caution if you eat blue cheese: Ask your allergist to test you for reactivity to penicllium mold. It’s feasible that you’re not only allergic to the medication, yet that you’re allergic to penicillium mold too, in which situation eating blue cheese might cause you to have an allergic reactivity.

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UPDATE 11 February 2013: Several days back, I got this message from a reader, which is essential information to share: “I have just review your report on the over having just left the A & E department because my wife, who is allergic to penicillin medication, had actually an allergic reactivity after eating Brie and also Stilton after a meal last night. The reactivity was identical to that she had experienced after a course of penicillin antibiotics. Having read various other short articles, many kind of world are advising tbelow is no attach between the two, and that you deserve to eat any type of cheese whenever before you like. That certainly was not the situation through my wife. Yours sincecount, Martin D.” Martin created earlier to me one week later on to advise: “My wife had actually her steroid dosage boosted on Monday, and she lastly shed the hives anywhere her body by Friday, yesterday.”

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