Springtime is when most convertible owner take the end their beauties out in the sun, away from the dark garages.

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Or probably you’re a lucky owner who remains in a place with gorgeous weather every year-round-either method your droptop is most likely to conference dust and also dirt and will need a suitable wash ever before so often.

If it were just any car, you can have unable to do to the automated vehicle wash without a second thought. But when it involves a soft-top convertible, you might have 2nd thoughts as result of the high-pressure water, fast-spinning brushes, and machinery involved.

In this article, we’ll talk about if the is safe to take your convertible to a car wash and choices available.


Wrangler Soft Tops

Convertible tops space of 2 kinds- soft and also hardtops. Soft tops room made that flexible, fabric that have the right to contract and also extend without acquisition up a lot of storage space.

They tend to be cheaper, are less complicated to replace and also tend come last because that 3-5 years. Soft tops provided to be made that canvas but have i graduated to vinyl, butyl rubber, and also latex.

Today the most usual ones space made that PVC and cotton. Soft top vehicles can provide an ext versatility compared to hardtops but cannot sell the very same level that protection.

If you own a Soft optimal convertible, you would understand that they are easy to remove and are lightweight which method it’s basic to put and also remove the height quickly.

If you’re on the trails, off-roading and you unexpectedly see thunderstorms, a soft top deserve to be quickly rolled up, therefore saving your seats and also preventing you from getting wet! even though soft tops space flexible lock are additionally less insulated.

This way cold air deserve to seep native the top into the car during the chilly season. You’ll also have come be careful not to enable snow to weigh the roof down.

Can You take it a Soft-top with a Carwash?

There is a divisive debate amongst automobile experts on if you have to take your soft-top convertible come the carwash (unless of course, there’s large openings like a bikini top or sunshade). The concern is the a soft-top convertible is more delicate and temperamental than a hardtop and cannot organize its shape the same method as the latter.

If you are taking the automatic carwash route, carry out a little of research ahead that time and see if they have actually special way to clean a soft top.

All the convertibles by Mercedes Benz room safe come take with a vehicle wash as discussed in their handbook. Buick’s convertible is likewise built to handle automatic washes like a champ.

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It’s ideal to not take chances and rely top top your very own judgment alone. You need to go v your owner’s hand-operated or speak to the customer assistance of your manufacturer to uncover out if the soft top have the right to handle the pressure of a vehicle wash.

The car wash industry normally agrees the automated automobile washes room safe for many convertibles. Numerous convertibles space washed every job successfully and also are design to perform so there is no damaging the car.

Eric Wuf, CEO the the worldwide Carwash combination CEO Eric Wulf declared that high-pressure water is directed at the door handles and beneath the car.

This way that the optimal will it is in unharmed as lengthy as the is not normally weakened or worn out because of overuse. Most car washes usage spinning pen made from noodle which method there will certainly not cause any kind of scratches or damage to the car.

Touch Less automobile Wash

Just choose the name suggests, in a touchless vehicle wash nothing will touch her jeep other than soap, water, and also high-pressure air.

The high-pH soap is pce on your vehicle followed by a low pH one. This mix sloughs off the dirt and dust hence eliminating the need for foam rollers.

Brushless auto washes are also superior in the winter together snow, rain, and also salt top top the roads can damages a convertible. Cleaning it thoroughly in the winter is even more essential at this point.

This is the latest technology of automobile washing and also will no cause any kind of scratches or damages to the exterior of her car.

So if you’re not certain of how well her soft-top convertible can handle a regular carwash, a touchless car wash is the finest bet.

Keep a couple of facts in mental though, a touchless carwash takes much longer than a regular wash and since it counts on chemicals, gain it done by a dependable station for security reasons.

I would certainly recommend the you hand scrub locations of the jeep the are very grubby as touchless washes will certainly not administer enough friction for your automobile to be spotless.

If you don’t have accessibility to touchless carwashes and also have to financial institution on ordinary auto washes, not to worry, keep in mind the complying with tips in psychic to obtain the shine without damaging her soft top.

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Check the condition of your Vehicle: Take your jeep/convertible to a carwash just if that is in a good condition. If your cover is torn/ripped (even if you’ve duct-taped the cover), carry out not risk it being fully damaged. Repair the cover fine or invest in a brand-new one before getting it washed.Take care of the Undercarriage: While clean the optimal is important, the undercarriage is an area that is often neglected. Make certain that the dirt, dust, and also grime room taken turn off the undercarriage.Treat The windows Separately: In an simple car, washing the windows is as normal as the remainder of the parts. However, in a convertible, focus on your glass yourself through a towel and also a window cleaner.Check the Weather Stripping: One the carwash is completed, the wash is done, take a look inside your auto to view if water has actually seeped right into the seals. If it has actually indeed seeped, then this is an indication the you must replace weather strips.Cool Water & Frequency: to wash the soft top as soon as a month if the is dusty or dirty and also once every 2 month if girlfriend don’t drive it as much. If not, the optimal will absorb oil and also be super dusty. Usage cool lot of of cool water and also a unique soft top cleaning kit and also a microfiber towel to wipe it down.

How to to wash a Soft-Top in ~ Home

You can wash the automobile out of your driveway through a few suppliers for better peace that mind. The procedure come clean a soft optimal convertible is the exact same whether you have actually a fabric top or a vinyl. The only distinction is in the critical step.

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Brush the surface off v a soft brush to acquire the apparent and huge dirt that have the right to be seenVacuum the height to clean with more precisionRinse the top with water and also take a soft bristle brush so as to not damage the herbal finishSpray the all-purpose cleaner everywhere the top and also let the soak because that a couple of minutes.Use circular motions and also scrub the top clean. Harsh materials like alcohol, detergent, and vinegar are extremely acidic and also may damage the canvas. So select a soft cleaner v non-toxic ingredients. I recommend making use of a soft scrub brush which will certainly not leave lint on the or damage its surfaceWash turn off the clean agent v a garden hose or a power spray ~ above a low setting.Let the height air dry by leaving the car out overnight but you have the right to speed up the process by pushing down a lint-free microfiber towel on the optimal to wick the humidity away.


Having a convertible way that friend probably obtain envious looks all over you drive! maintaining it clean and shiny without risking its safety and security is super essential in raising its longevity.

Not come mention, a clean automobile with a good finish will fetch a much better resale worth than a dingy one.

Ultimately that is your selection to walk for an automatic car wash or a touchless one but keep the above tips in mind and do no hesitate to speak to the vehicle washers first.

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Nobody would certainly mind providing you advice as soon as it pertains to an expensive soft-top convertible.