If you"re a gel manicure devotee, climate you probably know by currently how strong and shiny they deserve to make her nails look at (not to point out how much much longer the polish lasts), but what you might not know is the right method to treatment for them. Because that example, can you reduced your nails with a gel manicure? The price isn"t a steadfast no — i mean, of course you can do whatever you want to do, but cutting them will certainly run the threat of ruining them, so it"s probably finest not to.

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Spending the time and also the money to acquire your nails done isn"t something you desire to have to do an ext frequently than necessary, therefore you desire to make sure your gelatin manicure big as long as possible. And also since gelatin polish lasts much longer than constant polish, you desire to get the most out of that time frame and make certain they actually organize up the conventional two weeks or more. Therefore, you more than likely want to avoid cutting them. Once you reduced a gel manicure, you eliminate the seal and make it straightforward for water to gain in in between the gel and the nail, and then the gel can lift off and also your manicure will certainly be entirely ruined. So that kind of sucks. If your nails are just feeling as well long, prevent cutting lock and record them instead.

Making sure your gelatin manicure big isn"t just about maintenance while it"s on, it"s also around how you prep. Below are a couple of tips for just how to prep her nails before you get a gelatin manicure.

1. Trim Them


Clyppi Fingernail Clipper, $13, Amazon

Go in through your pond the size that you want them — or also a little shorter — so friend don"t feel the need to reduced them as soon as they"re done.

2. Oil her Cuticles


Essie Cuticle Oil, $9, Amazon

If you use gel polishing over her cuticles, that could reason premature lifting. Usage a good cuticle oil to push them earlier and/or eliminate with tweezers before your manicure.

3. Buff her Nails



Swan Alcohol, $6, Amazon

Use a 99 percent isopropyl alcohol-based cleanser come dehydrate the pond plate and remove the oil so the gel will certainly adhere better.

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5. Choose A light Color


Just Polish gel Polish In Seashell Pink, $10, Amazon

Light colour won"t show chips/cracks/imperfections as lot as dark will.

Want much more beauty tips? examine out the video clip below, and also be certain to i ordered it to barisalcity.org’s YouTube web page for much more hacks and tricks!