“Sugar Gliders” are little marsupials in the very same general family as a Kangaroo or Koala Bear. Lock are initially from the tropical of Australia and also Indonesia, and also have to be domestically bred as family pets in the United says for the critical 12-15 years.

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like come eat almost anything that is sweet, particularly fresh fruit & vegetables, andthey have a gliding membrane (similar to a flying squirrel) the stretches from their wrist to your ankles, permitting them come glide - not fly - from tree to tree.

In the wild they mostly live in tree in "colonies" the 10-15 various other Gliders.

Their "scientific" name: Petaurus Breviceps, and also their details TaxonomicClassification is:

Class: Mammalia


Order: Diprotodontia


Family: Petauridae

Genus: Petaurus

Species: P. Breviceps


They space marsupials, in the exact same general family members as a Kangaroo or a Koala Bear.As such, they room proven to have several distinct benefits over other family pets such as hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, squirrels, etc.. Because that example, when cared because that properly, your life-span is frequently 12-15 years – similar to countless dogs or cats.They also have roughly the same intelligence as a dog, in that when trained correctly they have the right to learn your name, come as soon as they’re called, and also even perform tricks.

Another distinct benefit over “rodent” kind pets is that Sugar Gliders – as soon as fed the suitable diet – have almost no remarkable smell

Want to learn more? take a look in ~ this one-of-a-kind sugar glider food report wherein you have the right to learn much more about exactly how to feeding them!

One the the biggest difficulties of owning any type of “rodent” as a household pet (ie. Mice, hamsters, gerbils, etc..) is the they are destructive by nature and also constantly have to “chew” on things. This is due to the fact that every rodents have teeth which constantly flourish – and also therefore should be “worn” down.

Since sugar Gliders space NOT rodents, they carry out not instinctively must chew ~ above things and also are not terrible by nature.

Probably one of the most distinctive things about Sugar Gliders as household pets is just how strongly – and permanently – lock bond come their human “families”.

Once lock are completely bonded to you and also your household – they deserve to go nearly everywhere through you in publicly without gift caged, (shopping, groceries, movies, etc..), and they will certainly not want to leave her shoulder or pocket.

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In this facet – specifically – lock have specifically the opposite “mentality” that a rodent; in that once they room fully-trained and bonded with you, they typically won’t “hide” or operation away because they instinctively want to be v their “family” much more than noþeles else.