At Vertava Health, we administer evidence-based and considerable behavioral health treatment to aid people achieve long-term success in recovery and also wellness.

With inpatient rehabs and outpatient health centers throughout the country and also virtual behavioral health treatment options, we provide a full continuum of seeks treatment and also co-occurring mental health care. We likewise offer a wide range of services including individual counseling, assistance groups, family members therapy, medication management, and much more to meet people’s varying needs on your journey to heal.

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We proud ourselves on ours patients’ permanent success, however don’t take our word for it.See what people have to say around their suffer with Vertava Health.

If she trying to decide whether or not to come, simply do it. Nothing pay attention to an unfavorable reviews since 99% that those that leave the 1-star because that Vertava health and wellness weren’t all set to obtain clean. This place is caring, safe, comfortable and just a an excellent environment to it is in in to acquire clean.
It was an intense week the detox, yet they absolutely got me v it. Kudos come the men and also women that have actually chosen come help. They save lives and also only desire to see everyone succeed
This ar is great. It assisted me build a new mind and also I’m an extremely much far better off. Really great food, knowledgeable and respectful staff, optimal of heat classes, plenty come do and also you’ll accomplish some really great friends and also like minded people. Shout out to Wilson.
Facility chin is nice, yet its yes, really the employee that is exceptional, together they do you feeling at home throughout your stay here. Would very recommend.
I love this place! everyone at the facility truly cares about your recovery. Most of the workers space in recovery themselves. They have Yoga, horse Therapy, a Wilderness program and also zip lining! i will never ever forget mine 3 month stay and also the civilization I met here!
This to be the ideal place for me to be in recovery! I have actually never to be to a rehab facility before. Ns was worried at first thinking that no location or nothing can work because that me. However all the cognitive class and personal counseling assisted me learn exactly how to apply the skills to mine life to keep me clean and also sober. I"m happy to report that because my graduation top top October 6,2019 I have been clean and sober!! so a large thank you to Vertava Health. Friend literally saved my life.

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Vertava wellness – Ohio saved my life. I am over and past grateful for the help everyone there provided me. They are family members to me and I extremely recommend the facility and also all the staff who save people"s lives!
I arrived there on December 8 hours 2017, i am quiet sober today and also I told mine cousin about the facility, and she went there in February 2018 and she is still sober come the date also, ns am praying the they can take my small sister in she is captured up in seeks badly...I have actually 1000% faith that castle can assist her