You have bought some new turf soccer shoes and also you desire to wear castle indoor because that a game of futsal, or mini-soccer? must you do it?

Yes, you deserve to wear your new turf football shoes indoor. Soccer shoes, created use on turf, room actually pretty an excellent to beat with. They can be used on every dry or an extremely hard surfaces, even playing ~ above concrete. The only disadvantage once using the shoes on those surfaces, is the reality they will wear out a little bit faster than utilizing them just on the softer turf fields. However compared to futsal pair of shoes the turf shoes will probably last a little bit longer.

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Official regulations

According the main rulebook the the FIFA (Fédération Internationale de soccer Association) FUTSAL regulations of the Game, canvas or soft leather training or gym shoes space allowed. Although it’s not declared here, lock also allow synthetic en textile. The an ext important point is the sole, it has to be made from rubber or some comparable material.

Footwear– canvas or soft leather training or gymnastic shoes through soles that rubber or a comparable material

FUTSAL laws of the Game

The sole of the soccer shoes

Indoor soccer shoes do no leave any marks on the field. This is the main requirement you should look for as soon as buying/using soccer shoes come play indoor. Since most sports room owner can deny your accessibility to the ar when your shoes leave tracks on the floor. They carry out not desire to invest a many time and also money in cleaning marks the the floor due to the fact that these clues require difficult rubbing to obtain rid of.

Turf football shoes have small rubber studs ~ above the bottom, this is the main difference you feel when playing indoor with turf soccer shoes. Over there is a bit an ext comfort but there is also more material in between your feet and also the ball.

The adidas Men’s Nemeziz Tango 18.3 Turf soccer Shoe has actually a an extremely unique type of synthetic studs top top the bottom the the shoes.

There is additionally a little distinction in grip. The indoor soccer shoes have actually a larger surface emotional the floor, while the turf shoes only touch through the studs. Because you are poignant the floor with a bigger surface, you can put much more pressure on the floor. Turf shoes do have a most studs, so the distinction is really small. And this only applies when playing on clean surfaces, because when over there is a little of dust or sand ~ above the field, it’s much more likely you’ll be much better of through turf shoes.

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Weight difference

There is no real difference in weight of both species of shoes. Us have compared the adidas Copa 19.3 indoor Sala and also the adidas Copa 19.3 Turf, and they both weigh about the same. You will certainly not feel the difference when playing.