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A conversation started in2001 however continuing v 2015. Add your Q or A come return it to the present Topics page.


2001Q. i would prefer to ask your advice ~ above chrome plating part hardware on our sailboat that has actually slightly rusted. These room stainless stole winches- around 10 of castle in assorted sizes from around 6"H X 5"D (size 16)... Come 10"H X 8"D (size 56).Only the drum requirements rebarisalcity.org, no the inner parts. Is this practical? deserve to you offer me one idea that the time/cost involved? If not, any kind of suggestions as to how to remove any kind of rust and also polish it?Thanks so much for your time here... It"s appreciated.Looking front to a reply!Annie C - Dallas, Texas
2001A. hello Annie. Remember that chrome plating is an extremely slippery. If this winch depends on friction, you should be careful about the idea that chrome plating it. Ns think chrome polish or Copper Glo or other steel cleaner should have the ability to remove the rust. An excellent luck.Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Alohabarisalcity.org - jaw Beach, brand-new Jersey^
2003Q. Our agency manufactures after sector Harley Davidson stainless stole shifter rods. We have a line of matching 304 stainless stole foot pegs, sleek to a .05 finish. Sprucing up finer to a number one finish is our trademark complete for the customers. The foot pegs require the scrape resistance that chrome, for end up durability. Deserve to you send united state a chrome specification sheet to monitor please? Our local chrome firm has turned our last test foot pegs a "milky white" color.

Thank you,Bobby Joe Marsh- Lake Stevens, Washington, USA ^
2003A. Milky is one of two people improper activation of the SS, a current break during plating, bad chemistry, or as well thick a chrome deposit. Border to 50 microinch. It is possible, with much labor come buff the milky chrome to a winter finish however this is only a doctor step.Jon Quirt- Minneapolis, Minnesota^2003A. What you require is another plater. Any type of shop that would send earlier milky chrome key on a decorative item is much less than fully competent. I would not also give them a second chance. A spec sheet will not execute you any type of good. There are fair sized books on the subject.PS, ask for a refund and next time send a specification that what girlfriend want, v the parts, then there is very small argument.James Watts- Navarre, Florida^
2004Q. On a recent building project, we specified some perforated brushed stainless stole panels because that finished wall panels. The owner is objecting to your appearance (too industrial looking) and would favor for them to it is in chrome plated. Is this possible? several of the panels space 4" x 4" and a an extremely heavy gauge. Thanks.Lynn HakeArchitect - Dallas, Texas ^
2004A. Hello Lnnn. Yes, stainless steel have the right to be chrome plated. It calls for a tiny different an approach to activate 보다 carbon steel, however many chrome plating shops can do it. I"m not sure that it"s still current practice, and on what models, however the trim job-related on numerous automobiles to be stainless steel v a speed of chrome, together one example. Yet you and the owner will need to decide top top what look you want.Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Alohabarisalcity.org - pine Beach, new Jersey^2004A. If friend are only going because that the look, I would certainly say that it"s easier/cheaper come electropolish her items. The look will be very close; most likely the owner wouldn"t be able to see the difference.Bo KønigFood sector - Odense, Denmark^

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Chrome key on stainless stole 3042005I have actually a stainless steel part (304) which required chrome plating. However, my supplier called me the they cannot execute the chrome plating on stainless steel 304. Might I ask the reasons? in ~ the end, they do the component out from electro polishing.Peter WrongA and S Int"l Co Ltd - Hong Kong China^
2005A. hello Peter. Your supplier to be wrong. Plating ~ above stainless steel does require different pretreatment than plating on steel, but it is certainly not impossible.Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Alohabarisalcity.org - pine Beach, brand-new Jersey^

"Electrodeposition: The products Science of Coatings and also Substrates"by Jack Dinifrom Abe Booksor(affil. Link)orsee our Review
2005A. dear Peter, i think her supplier might be saying he is no able to carry out it himself. Plating the SS is an extremely common, however requires a various pre-treatment process to various other materials. Tell her supplier he requirements to use a "Woods Nickel strike" come achieve great adhesion before applying subsequent deposits. That should recognize this and be able to aid you. Regards,Jonathan Timms- Hong Kong^
2006Q. i m sorry grade of stainless steel would be perfect for nickel or chrome plating?Nesligul WagnerTermosan together - Istanbul^

2006A. Hello Nesligul. Most usual grades of stainless steel deserve to be reliably plated after ~ a Wood"s Nickel strike or one more robust preparatory sequence. There may be part exotic grades that would certainly be especially challenging to activate. Please shot to explain the details of your situation. Thanks.Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving to live Alohabarisalcity.org - pine tree Beach, brand-new Jersey^2006A. The easiest to plate is the 400 series, yet 300 series are not that bad IF they space not totally free cutting. Stop leaded material or set up unique tanks to take care of it. 304Se have the right to be a difficulty for some platers. 304 should have the ability to be plated by many platers with few defects. High temp materials like hastelloy and waspeloy have the right to be a challenge.James Watts- Navarre, Florida^2006Q. we are production radiators, both in steel ST 37, and also stainless stole S304, among our client asked chrome plating ~ above stainless steel. We had never tried that before, I must either uncover the appropriate technique of chrome plating S304 or uncover an ideal grade the stainless for coating.Nesligul Wagner- Istanbul, Turkey^
2006A. What carry out you median by radiator? i think that a vehicle radiator and also chrome plating would be impossible on the fins. No difficult, impossible for more than a mm or less. Chrome is not a good conductor the heat, so do you know what the potential customer"s applications or desires are?James Watts- Navarre, Florida^

The product is most likely what we would contact a "towel warmer". Over there is a great picture the a bath towel warmer top top letter 25240.Ted Mooney, P.E.Striving come live Alohabarisalcity.org - pine tree Beach, new Jersey^

Chrome plating of complicated stainless stole fenders

December 8, 2015Q. Hi there. I am manufacturer the stainless steel fenders do of SS tubes; until now I am obtaining my product buffed yet I am obsessed v chrome finish. I"ve visited several plating shops & they"ve told me that it is very hard come plate early out to availability of holes in SS pipe & nickel solution will take trip to chrome remedies as it is not feasible to drainpipe whole nickel solution put of the product despite several water rinses & transporting of nickel solution right into chrome is as well harmful for the chrome. Personal from that the plating people likewise have warned me the high peeling percent as, follow to them, chrome peels very easily off SS surface. So please overview me whether that is the case and it is also risky come chrome bowl SS tube

Vijay Gupta- Delhi,India^
December 9, 2015

A. hi Vijay,I probably agree through the platers you have actually contacted, there is constantly a opportunity of trapping solution and contaminating the chrome bath, however the higher risk v commercial plating is the risk of skin chrome. Personally ns think you"d be better off through a an excellent electropolish to boost brightness and increase corrosion resistance of her stainless stole tube.

Brian TerryAerospace - Yeovil, Somerset, UK^
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