I save running up against "electricians" and "inspectors" that case that NM cable (romex) cannot be used in advertising buildings. Ns am conscious of NEC 334.12; and 334.10 offers permitted through the varieties I with V structure construction types. Most industrial and commercial buildings are permitted to be developed of flammability construction, therefore I review this as permitting NM cable. Any detailed recommendations you can cite to no permit use?

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Other than short article 336 in the electrical code, over there is no nationwide standard prohibiting its usage in a comemrcial structure if you fall within the perameters of 336.Maybe over there is a neighborhood standard, for example NYC cannot.

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There are places you room fobidden to install Romex in commercial buildings. Areas exposed to physics damage, structures with a fire rating, places of assemblies such as occupancies end 50 people, structures above 3 floors space also permitted to be wired in Romex as long as that building does not fulfill one that the above limitations.Churches, auditoriums, areas with stages, theatres, schools, and also other buildings where assembly may be plan is forbidden to be wired in Romex.NEC 518.4(B) Nonrated Construction. Nonmetallic-sheathed cable, type AC cable, electric nonmetallic tubing, and rigid nonmetallic conduit chandelier be allowed to be installed in those buildings or parts thereof that room not required to it is in of fire-rated building by the applicable structure code.FPN:Fire-rated building and construction is the fire-resistive classification used in building codes.(C) Spaces with finish Rating. Electric nonmetallic tubing and also rigid nonmetallic conduit shall be allowed to be set up in society rooms, college and also university classrooms, conference and also meeting rooms in many hotels or motels, courtrooms, drink establishments, dining facilities, restaurants, mortuary chapels, museums, passenger stations and terminals that air, surface, underground, and also marine public transport facilities, libraries, and also places of religious worship whereby the complying with apply: (1)The electric nonmetallic pipe or strict nonmetallic conduit is installed concealed within walls, floors, and ceilings whereby the walls, floors, and also ceilings provide a thermal barrier of product that contends least a 15-minute finish rating as established in listings that fire-rated assemblies. (2)The electrical nonmetallic tube or strict nonmetallic conduit is installed over suspended ceilings whereby the suspended ceilings administer a thermal obstacle of material that contends least a 15-minute end up rating as determined in listings of fire-rated assemblies.Hope this helpsWg