Journey girl Dolls...a tiny Rant

I to be going to begin off by apologizing because that the size of this article and additionally warn you the it is a little bit of a rant ~ above the state of the journey Girls. That being said...I would certainly love you comment on exactly how you fell around the journey Girls and also what could be improved. You may now continue reading...As i was discussing when the brand-new Journey Girls would certainly be coming out with among the neighborhood store employees, they mentioned that the trip Girls room not a real warm seller. Ns wondered about this, specifically how it might relate to the release of the new Journey Girl dolls.Journey girl sales are an extremely different than American Girl sales. Because American Girl started in 1986 they have sold over 153 million dolls!!! the is 5.1 million dolls per year for 30 years. In comparison Journey girls hit their 1 millionth doll offered this previous year. That method that toys R us sells about 200,000 dolls every year. Compare the 2 brands is not really the fair because they space not top top the exact same spectrum, but I would hope that toys R us is striving because that numbers similar to American Girls.

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Ce;ebration of the one millionth journey Girls doll sold!
Toys R united state made a huge, no gigantic,push this past holiday season to boost Journey girl sales. Lock released more outfits, many much more accessories, and had a celebration in new York to introduce some of the brand-new items. Along with the relax of new products they additionally encouraged children and their parents to post photos of your Journey girls traveling around the civilization with them on Facebook and Instagram through #JourneyGirls. Together well, TRU developed a Pinterest account that would showcase designs and food motivated by the journey Girls travels.None the the social media took off the method it was hoped the would. Instagram has 2,200 some posts under #JourneyGirls. 1/4 that the photos with that tag have actually nothing to execute with the trip Girls. And only a couple of of them are from playthings R Us. Most are pan photos (which is awesome). For reference, #AGIG (stands because that American Girl Insta Gram) has over 600,000 posts and also American Girls official hashtag #Joy2EveryGirl has 60,000 posts. Granted American girl account has actually been around longer, yet it offers an idea of journey Girls popularity. Perhaps a better comparison though, would certainly be come Our Generation dolls, which has 1,800 posts for their #ogdolls.Who care though? Well, toys R Us more than likely does, and their investors. And also why should that matter? They determine whether or not, we the collectors, will have actually Journey girl to collect and also play with. If there are not enough sales, or if the sales don"t rise by the percentages they expect they will, the firm may not develop the dolls anymore. Over there is no point out that toys R united state is preventing production the the journey Girls, however there room suggestions the the line is struggling.Since it"s introduction, the journey Girls usually have actually two releases every year; one in February or March, and another closer to august or September. So much this year, there has been no introduction of new dolls. New outfits have come out, and accessory packs, and "new" furniture (in reality most of the furniture is the same, just new colors or less accessories through the furniture), yet no brand-new dolls.
Set is gift clearance out. It"s being replaced by the amazingly different set seen below.
Huge improvements! Wait wasn"t there an area rug in this set last year?
Also, because that the last 3 years the journey Girls have traveled come a new city with the beginning of the new year. In past years the city has actually been readjusted as the new dolls come the end in spring. Package art top top the front and also back change depending on where they space traveling that year. However, there is no indication that the Girls will be leaving Italy this year, if the box art is any kind of indication.
Kyla is visiting London (as you have the right to see from her box).
Mikaela is travel to Italy. Will certainly she ever leave?
The last factor saying that the journey Girls may be struggling is the fact that items space on clearance. In years past very few Journey Girls accessories or dolls ever make it to the clearance sales. Ns still find London dolls in store, every once in awhile, and also they are complete price. Toys R Us has clearenced the trip Girls travel Trunk (which to be retired and also replaced by the unlimited Journeys Doll Carrier) and also Mikaella, the 2014 vacation doll, which to be overproduced due to the success the Jordanna. This year, not just is Giovanna on clearance, however so are plenty of accessory packs and also furniture items.
More items then normal space being clearanced the end this year.
Not together bad similar to Mikaela, but still toys R Us had too countless Giovannas.
Do this three indications really indicate that the trip Girls are struggling? ns don"t yes, really know. I"m just speculating. What i do know is that normally there are brand-new dolls by this time of the year, and also this year there are none. My expect is that playthings R us is taking some time come make improvements to the line and also that the trip Girls will be back later this year much better than ever!In that spirit, ns thought, "What would certainly I readjust if ns ran the journey Girl line?" So right here are mine thoughts:Make the dolls higher quality
The trip Girls are great dolls. They have beautiful faces, through gorgeous eyes. The human body style, through the 1/2 vinyl chest piece, is a wonderful design. But the dolls have some issues. The arm and leg joints are not amazing. It would certainly be great to have an ext articulation in the shoulder, enabling the eight to go out to the side more. The foot joints reason the legs to splay out in the splits since of the method they space situated. And also both the arm and also leg joints have problems with breaking. The joints can be better if lock were comparable to American Girl joints or Adora friends dolls. Both have cup and also string joints.

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Issues with joints break or comes apart sometimes take place with the trip Girls.