Whether you are exhausted of ruining your bedding, are taking care of unpredictable spotting, or just want added protection, the best duration underwear might be the equipment you're looking for. V a selection of absorbent underwear ~ above the market, there's a number of factors come consider before choosing the right layout for you, indigenous the heaviness of your flow to your plans because that the day (or night). 

When shopping because that something therefore personal, testimonials native happy customers can offer included trust in the product's efficacy, so we did a deep dive to find out which period underwear is worth writing house about. These are the duration panties women are logging ~ above to sing the praises of—the undies that changed their lives for the better, native comfy, size-inclusive briefs to barely there thongs. 

Before girlfriend shop because that the best period underwear, there space some things you need to know around wearing them. Read up on the info to understand now, indigenous an ob-gyn and duration underwear manufacturers, ahead.

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How period underwear works

In essence, period undies work-related the same means as continuous underwear does—but v the added absorption setting them apart. Expertly draft menstrual underwear shouldn't feel different to the touch or on the body, yet they should incorporate an included layer of fabric that can either work-related in lieu of a pad or tampon or provide extra defense to stop leakage. 

“Just prefer each woman, period underwear species are unique and serve various purposes,” states ob-gyn and also pH-D Feminine health adviser Ruth Arumala, D.O. “Some create an extra barrier of protection from leakage; others take the place of various other feminine restroom products.” different brands use assorted patented modern technology to ensure optimal absorption, and every agency in this roundup is donate by real women who swear by the products.

How come use duration underwear 

First step: put them on. 2nd step: breathe easy and forget around ’em. Yet in all seriousness, the most essential factor of period underwear is convenience, and how you pick to use them will rely on your personal needs and also preferences. While some ladies seek included protection to stop disaster stains throughout busy days once their menstrual circulation is extra heavy, rather are looking for worry-free REM cycles and also workouts, and duration undies deserve to help carry out peace of psychic (even if you select to wear a tampon through them).

How to wash duration underwear

The an initial thing to do when you take turn off your duration underwear (never wear castle for more than 24 hours) is run them under cold water until the water operation clear. Once most of the blood is eliminated from the gusset, you can throw them in v a consistent load of to wash on a delicate, cold-wash cycle (be certain not to use warm water come avoid setup any remaining blood right into the underwear). Friend can also put them in a delicates bag to store them extra safe in the washer. Due to the high-tech nature the the fabric, you'll desire to hang-dry fairly than tumble. Once the underwear is nice and dry, fold them up and also bring them the end on your following moon cycle.

Can period underwear replace pads?

Every body and flow is different, however the brief answer is yes, duration underwear deserve to replace pads. Due to the fact that of an innovation used to develop fabric that have the right to hold multiple tampons' worth of blood, it's normally not recommended to stay pads v your absorbent undies. Specialists at Modibodi, Thinx, and Knix agree you deserve to nix pads altogether. Arumala cosigned this point, explaining it's much more common to pair period panties with tampons or expression cups. “Most period-panty users either wear them solo or use tampons or cups,” she says. “It is rarely to usage pads or panty liners with period panties.” 

Benefits the using duration underwear 

From maintaining your garments clean to going simpler on the environment and saving money, there's a wide array of services to using period underwear. Knix founder Joanna Griffiths dished top top a few key benefits: She says duration panties “take away the problem of no knowing precisely when you can get your period throughout the day and also remove the need to lug panty liners, pads, and also tampons”; “positively influence our environment”; and “revolutionize menstruation worldwide, particularly for those who may not have access to, or cannot afford, high value disposable products.” Arumala adds the they're useful for “preventing vulvar and/or quality irritation, and also when culture or religion reasons preclude use of internal products.”

Where to buy period underwear

Now that we've spanned the most typical questions surrounding period underwear, it's time come shop! Ahead, the 16 best period panties virtual reviewers can't imagine their life without—and that's top top period.

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Working to rest the duration taboo due to the fact that 2013, Thinx emerged some the the very first period underwear to walk mainstream. In an initiative to do women's lives less complicated (and acquire 100 million girls to stop absent school as result of their periods), Thinx (and sister brands Thinx BTWN and Speax) uses signature modern technology to develop expertly draft underwear for periods and also bladder leaks because that every body at every phase of life. The brand's GiveRise routine works to smash shame approximately bodies and reproductive health, advocating because that menstrual equity, access, and education—so as soon as you shop Thinx, you're purchasing with a purpose. Native organic cotton briefs come high-waist panties v mesh detailing, there's a layout for every mood. “Our 1.3 million client tell united state Thinx are a an ext comfortable option because they feel just like regular, everyday underwear,” states Alice Warren, Thinx's director of customer experience. “Our Super an innovation holds up to four consistent tampons’ worth, meaning most world can placed them ~ above in the morning and also go about their day there is no worrying around leaks or stains.” 

Key offering points: full coverage, breathable, and stretchy, the high-waist underwear offer super-absorbency and also come in a variety of layouts for every aesthetic.

What customers say: “This underwear should have actually a cape. Yes, absolutely superhero status. Ns was tired of wearing extr pads or disposable feminine underwear along with tampons on hefty days. Besides the icky sweaty feeling, the plastic was leading to irritation to mine skin. I was skeptical of Thinx and also thought the price suggest was a bit much. I waited because that a sale/promotion and purchased a pair. And also while they cannot handle the super heavy circulation I suffer as a standalone product, they space so much better than disposable underwear. They deserve superhero status.” —Alexys F., reviewer on Thinx