I remember my wife asking me “can ns take my curling steel in my hand luggage?” once we first got with each other and, to it is in honest, ns didn’t have actually a clue. If I had known climate what I recognize now i would have actually said yes!

You can lug your electric corded curling stole on a airplane and either bring it in your carry on bag or placed it in your checked bags. If the is gas powered climate you cannot put it in your checked bags.

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Now I know these can also be called a curling wand or curling tongs – you discover something brand-new every day.


You will must purchase a travel adapter to so you can charge or use your gadgets when travel overseas.

The most well-known is the Ceptics civilization Travel strength Adapter – 3 USB Ports wall Charger type I C G A Outlets 110V 220V A/C – 5V D/C – EU Euro united state UK. This will allow you come plug your devices into sockets overseas. It additionally has 3 USB sockets to fee phones, laptops, tablets and so on without acquisition a various one for each.

One much more thing you need to be conscious of is that many US devices operate ~ above 110 volts whereas in many other nations they use 220-240 volts. Now plenty of devices this days space designed to run on dual voltage so they will work-related anywhere. Yet this is not always the situation so friend should check the specification the your devices to it is in sure.

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Other hair associated items

The rules about carrying various other tools and products you might use for her hair are as follows:


You should have no difficulties taking a curling iron v you once traveling in your bring on bag.