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I"m planning come repaint the firewall on mine "63 Impala through black acrylic urethane. The initial white paint is lacquer. I planned come clean, scuff, and shoot. Will there it is in compatibility issues if I placed urethane end the lacquer? thanks for any type of guidance you deserve to give...Doug
Anyone? If acrylic urethane is no great over lacquer, what paint would you recommend? I"m trying to avoid stripping the existing paint. This doesn"t need to be show vehicle quality, yet I"d like to use something v a hardener for durability. The same paint will end up ~ above the frame, tie rods, control arms, within fenders, etc.If I might still find the old forum"s posts, I"ll gambling I might find the answer to this question- yet I haven"t checked out a way to perform that. I know there space some knowledgable folks around here, I"ve learned a bunch currently just lurking around. Many thanks in breakthrough for any kind of guidance you can give.-doug
Doug, normally its not a an excellent idea to spray urethane paint over a lacquer paint. If i were in your instance I would think about spraying a pair medium coats the epoxy primer end the lacquer paint. Let the sit for a if (longer than a half hour but still within the moment recoat window). If you are going to have actually a lifting trouble with the lacquer climate it will lift indigenous the epoxy primer.If the doesn"t lift then you"re good to walk to use your urethane topcoat over the epoxy primer. Past experience tells me you must be fine with no quick term or long term problems, in this details situation.
Thanks Phil. Ns started reading the product sheets for PPG UE topcoats and also none the them it seems to be ~ to favor lacquer bases. I guess I will certainly shoot some epoxy first. So much the only PPG epoxy inside wall I"ve discovered that mentions compatibility with OE lacquer is the Delta DPLF, and even that has a disclaimer: "Caution: as soon as DPLF is sprayed end lacquer substrates or basecoat that is no crosslinked, and also then permitted to set overnight before applying an additional coat of inside wall or a topcoat, lifting have the right to occur. This can be avoided by applying the DPLF Epoxy Primer, color and clear coat in the very same day or by adding 5% the DX57 RTS DBC."-doug
DougIn "most" situations a factory used lacquer will certainly not reaction poorly to an applications of urethane however sometimes re coat lacquer can melt under a urethane coating causing the urethane come peel off later. If i were act this task I"d probably use a cloak of hardened acrylic enamel in locations where the lacquer was going come remain.When urethane was just on the sector a couple years we painted a formerly lacquered Porsche v Imron leading to the lacquer to liquefy. The urethane slide off the auto like cellophane turn off butter. What a mess.

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Thanks Len. That"s great info. I"ll write-up some pictures when i get about to shoot this. I"ve gained a most grease come clean off!