When it pertains to my beauty beauty products, ns absolutely love multi-use. I try to save my consistent commodities as natural as possible, for this reason this is reasonably easy. Butters, aloe vera gel, and oils space all commonly used on the skin and also hair. Yet what around lotion, among the most necessary skincare items? that moisturizing and also slippery, so whynot?

Now, this no to say that you need to use any type of old kind of lotion on her hair, depending upon the ingredients you use. A most mainstream lotion brands still use mineral oil, therefore I certainly wouldn’t let the touch my natural hair. However, if you’re using a lotion with great ingredients favor coconut oil, behentrimonium chloride, and also other valuable ingredients, you may be may be to dual use her products.

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via Alaffia

Personally, I began using Alaffia’s day-to-day Coconut Babies Hair & human body Lotion as a skin lotion as result of the ingredients and also the smell (it smells like strawberries). At the time, my hair was still blown out, so ns couldn’t shot it on my hair till I went ago to my herbal texture. However when ns did…oh my! It really did feel favor putting lotion on my hair — nourishing and also providing lasting moisture. The also absorbed well, so it no mix funny v my gel and cause any type of flakes. Ns lovedit!

Next, I made decision to try my Shea Shea Bakery lotion on my hair. If girlfriend aren’t acquainted with the brand, acquire on it! Their commodities are the many delicious smelling ones I’ve ever owned, from fruity to dessert. My lotion especially is in the “Midnight Snack” scent, i beg your pardon mixes chocolate, coffee, ginger, and cookie. It consists of shea butter and also avocado, coconut, and also olive oils, making the a perfect crossover product. Similar to the Alaffia, mine hair feeling soft and nourished. I even used this one together a refresher moisturizer and also it did no sit on optimal of mine hair or reason flakes on already dry (as in not wet) hair. The consistency additionally reminds me of curly Junkie curl Rehab, however a small thinner.


via Shea Shea Bakery

Overall, ns thrilled the I’ve found not only assets that dual as body and also hair lotion, but likewise smell wonderful and also have good ingredients. In addition to the ingredients discussed above, look because that hair beneficial things like healthy and balanced oils, cetearyl alcohol, panthenol, and as a bonus, both of the brands pointed out in this article are black-owned. I’ll surely be on the look the end formore!

Do you use your human body lotion top top yourhair?

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