A the majority of travelers great to fly v two laptops, one for work and one for an individual use.

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You might likewise be traveling internationally and also have the opportunity to buy a laptop at a cheaper price.

But deserve to you carry two laptops on a plane? What room the regulations?

Let’s take a look.

TSA Multiple laptop computers Rules

The transport Security management run the security checkpoint in ~ the airport. If everyone is walk to stop you happen multiple laptops on to planes it’s these guys.

Here’s a screenshot from your website about laptops. Notice they space talking around packing laptops plural. If you can only bring one laptop this would certainly be the place to let friend know.


Just to be sure I’ve giving you the right info I checked on Twitter to watch if anyone was asking the TSA how numerous laptops lock could bring in your hand luggage.


According come the TSA, “Multiple laptops are permitted through the security checkpoint.” however they indicate the airline you choose to fly with might have a limit.

The very same passenger climate checked through American airlines to check out if they permitted two laptops.


At very first American airlines answer that you can bring “two portable electronic devices” top top a flight.

The traveler pushes a little further to acquire a details answer because a cell phone and tablet could additionally be taken into consideration a portable electronic device.

And AA come earlier and say that it’s no a difficulty for lock to carry two laptops, a tablet, and a phone call on their flights.

Other airlines could have different policies concerning how numerous portable electronic tools you have the right to pack in your can luggage.

Here’s the thing. It’s the TSA that display screen your luggage. The airlines don’t look inside her suitcase, so even if they have actually a policy that boundaries the variety of laptops you deserve to fly with exactly how will lock know?

Paul checked with Delta that bringing multiple laptops would be permitted. One laptop because that work and also one for an individual use.


Delta responded that “you can have much more than one laptop computer system in your carry-on”.

If you room a stickler because that the rules climate you should call your airline and ask if they have actually a border on how many laptops you deserve to fly with.

Many modern-day laptops room thin and lightweight. Perhaps any limits room a hangover from when a laptop supplied to sweet a lot.

In many cases, airlines are just concerned about the dimension or load of her baggage. They don’t asking questions around what is packed inside her suitcase. That’s the task of the TSA.

If you room bringing laptop computers when you fly it’s always best to load them in carry-on luggage quite than checked luggage.

Valuables deserve to occasionally be steal from confirm bags and also high-value items like laptops are at risk. Over there is always the danger that her laptop might be damaged in checked baggage too. It’s best to keep laptop computers in hand luggage where you can keep one eye ~ above them.

Bringing Multiple laptop computers On global Flights

The other department the is interested in what you have actually inside her suitcase is customs.

If you room flying worldwide you deserve to bring personal electronic tools for an individual use.

But if you had a carry-on stuffed complete of numerous laptops then this would certainly be seen as importing/exporting and also there might be taxes to pay.

If i were bringing three or more laptops on an international trip I’d inspect the importing rule of my location country.

You don’t should worry about customs for domestic flights in the USA.

Lastly, if paris on international airlines be careful about carry-on luggage weight boundaries especially in Asia. Bringing multiple laptops might reason your hand luggage to become overweight.

Laptops banned On residential Flights

Some 15-inch MacBook Pros that were sold in between September 2015 and February 2017 room banned indigenous planes through the FAA.

In this models over there is a possibility the battery will overheat and cause a fire.

The Verdict

You can carry two laptop computers in your carry-on. In truth the TSA don’t mind how countless laptops you bring in her luggage.

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When you with the security checkpoint take it any an individual electronics bigger than a cell phone the end of your bag and also place every of them in a separate tray because that screening.