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One the the most popular cereals in America is certainly Frosted Flakes. Presented in 1952, the sugar-coated cornflakes are still a breakfast stable in American homes. In fact, Statista approximated that 30.98 million Americans had at the very least a part of Frosted Flakes in a span of one main in 2018 alone. And also it is not simply Americans who love Frosted Flakes—the cereal is likewise a clip in numerous countries throughout the globe including Latin America, Europe, and Japan.

If girlfriend are among those human being who can’t start their mornings without a bowl of Frosted Flakes, you can have also shared or thought of sharing this delicious cereal with her pup. But can dogs eat Frosted Flakes? Is this breakfast grain safe for your four-legged friend?

Short Answer

Technically, Frosted Flakes space safe because that dogs come eat. However, they space not healthy, for this reason you need to only provide it to your dog as an occasional treat. While sharing a couple of Frosted Flakes with your pup won’t harm him immediately, this cereals may be detrimental come his health in the long term, specifically if you feed him frequently or enable him come gulp huge quantities in one sitting.

Long Answer


While no necessarily harmful in small doses, there space several reasons why permitting your dog to eat Frosted Flakes regularly deserve to compromise his health. An initial things first, let’s try and know the ingredient of this breakfast cereal.

 The main ingredients the Frosted Flakes include:

Milled CornSaltSugar (Contains 2% or less of Malt Flavor)Vitamins and also Minerals: Iron, Thiamin Hydrochloride (Vitamin B1), Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Ascorbic mountain (Vitamin C), Niacinamide, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6), Folic Acid, Vitamin A Palmitate & Vitamin D.BHT because that Freshness

From this list, it is evident that Frosted Flakes has actually a the majority of controversial ingredients that can be detrimental to her dog’s health, including:


Generally, corn is safe for dogs, specifically when fed in moderation. That is a potent source of carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins, and linoleic acids. However, milled or handle corn might contain high amounts of sodium and also fats, which space often had for value-addition purposes. So, by feeding your dog Frosted Flakes top top a continual basis, you may be exposing him to obesity and other significant health problems like kidney diseases.

Some dogs are also allergic come corn, so prior to giving your pup Frosted Flakes, you can want to inspect if he is allergy to the first. Consider feeding your dog a few pieces the Frosted Flakes and if you an alert any abnormal symptoms, protect against feeding him this cereals and any various other food that includes corn. 

High sugar Content

Another large issue with Frosted Flakes because that dogs is the high street content. A single serving the Frosted Flakes has actually 11grams the sugar, for this reason you can imagine the lot of street you expose your dog come if you feed him a totality packet the this cereal. Over there are countless reasons why foods items with high sugar content space not recommended for dogs.

To begin with, like humans, street is poor for her pup’s oral health. While dogs have the right to handle fine occasional sugary treats, excess street can cause enamel wear and tooth degeneration in dogs. So, that is necessary to avoid providing your dog Frosted Flakes if friend don’t consistently brush your pup’s teeth.

The risk to dental wellness is no the only reason why us don’t introduce Frosted Flakes for your dog. Street is additionally linked come a wide variety of health worries in dogs, consisting of weight gain, diabetes, and also even behavior issues. Prefer in humans, sugary snacks can additionally cause blood glucose spikes, which can make her dog feel irritable and lethargic.

Too many Calories

Besides high street content, Frosted Flakes contain fairly a lot of calories. Follow to Fat Secret, one-cup serving of Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes contains 140 calories.

Most dog need about 25-30 calories per pound to maintain a healthy weight. If you have a large and energetic dog, gaining 140 calorie from a solitary serving of Frosted Flakes isn’t the bad, yet it is an additional story because that a small dog breed.

Feeding a few Frosted Flakes to your little dog or a toy breed would make a an excellent percentage the his recommended daily calorie intake, however won’t carry out much nourishment.

Your dog needs a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and also fat. Provided that Frosted Flakes are produced humans—and no dogs—it fails to provide all that.


BHT is one more controversial ingredient in Frosted Flakes that you don’t desire to expose your canine girlfriend to. BHT (and that cousin, BHA) are both taken into consideration to it is in carcinogenic. In a previous study on rats, BHT was found to reason detrimental liver and also kidney damage. Although this study and many rather that have been done on BHT are controversial, plenty of pet advocacy teams suggest avoiding foods containing this preservatives till science deserve to determine how exactly they affect your dog’s body.

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The salt level that’s taken into consideration to be proper for human beings is not always safe for your dog due to the fact that salt yongin in dogs is lower than the of humans. Overfill salt intake in dogs can cause blood pressure, hypernatremia, electrolyte imbalance, and also even sodium poisoning. You danger exposing your dog to every these worries if you enable him come eat Frosted Flakes regularly.