It is generally legal because that a person to very own a BB pistol in California. However, the is illegal for a human being under the age of 18 to own a BBG without parental permission.A person can generally lug most varieties of BB guns in his or she car.

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Note that a violation of the over laws is commonly punishable by a fine. Sometimes, however, a violation can lead to misdemeanor charges (as protest to a fee of a California felony or an infraction).

Also note that if a human shoots someone v a BG, he have the right to be charged with either:

Our California criminal defense attorneys will answer the adhering to five vital questions about BB gun legislations in the state:

4. What space the penalties if a human being shoots someone with a BB gun?

A violation of BB Gun regulations can an outcome in a fine and/or jail time

4. What space the penalties if a human shoots someone through a BB gun?

It is a crime in California if a human intentionally shooting a BB pistol at another person, per California’s assault and also battery laws. This stop true also if a human shoots at someone else and misses.

Depending on the particular facts connected in the shooting, the shooter can be charged through either:

battery, per California Penal password 242 PC,assault, every California Penal code 240 PC, orassault v a deadly weapon, per California Penal code 245(a)(1)

4.1. Battery, per Penal password 242

Under PC 242, the California crime of battery consists of any willful and unlawful use of force or violence on who else.10

Since deliberately shooting a BB pistol at one more (and hitting him) certainly involves the willful and also unlawful usage of force, it could be a battery if a person shot a BBG in ~ another.

A violation of Penal code 242 PC is a misdemeanor under California law. The violation is punishable by:

a maximum fine of $2,000.11

4.2. Assault, per Penal password 240

PC 240 defines an attack as an attempt to use pressure or violence on someone else.12 While a battery involves the actual usage of pressure or violence, attack specifically concentrates on the attempt to use such pressure or violence.

This means a person can be charged with attack if that shot a BB gun at a person and also for everything reason missed. Even though the intended victim was not hurt, the attempt come inflict violence tho occurred.

Penal code 240 is a misdemeanor under California law. The violation is punishable by:

imprisonment in the ar jail because that up to 6 months; and/or,a maximum fine of $1,000.13

4.3. Assault with a deadly weapon, per Penal password 245(a)(1)

PC 245(a)(1) says that the crime of assault through a fatal weapon (“ADW”) consists of an attack that is committed either with:

a so-called “deadly weapon,” or

A “deadly weapon” is identified as any kind of object, instrument, or weapon i beg your pardon is used in a path that provides it capable of producing death or good bodily injury.

This includes the apparent deadly weapons such together guns and also knives. But, it also includes item (like BB guns) that deserve to be offered in a method that can kill who or reason them considerable harm.

Great bodily injury” is defined as any type of serious special needs of someone’s physical condition. Some examples include:

concussions,bone fractures, andwounds requiring considerable suturing.

Therefore, if a defendant assaulted an additional person by method of a BB gun, he could be charged v ADW if the facts likewise show that:

the BB pistol was offered as a “deadly weapon;” or,in a way likely to reason “great bodily injury.”

A violation of pc 245(a)(1) is a wobbler offense, which means it have the right to be fee as either a misdemeanor or a felony.

If charged together a misdemeanor, the best jail sentence is one year in county jail. If charged together a felony, ADW can lead to two, three, or four years in state prison.

5. What are some necessary safety tips concerning BBGs?

There are four necessary safety tips about BB guns. This are:

Follow every California State laws entailing BBGs.Never usage a BBG if you have actually been drink or are under the affect of drugs.BB weapons are not toys. They must be taken on with care and used wisely.Every person that supplies a BBG should get safety maintain on ideal use.

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