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Tip: girlfriend can include any amount to her meal plan, no just typical serving units. Desire a Mcdonald's big Coffee, 2 Cream, 1 sugar serving dimension to fit your carbohydrate limit? No problem, just use the Mcdonald's large Coffee, 2 Cream, 1 street nutrition facts serving dimension tool come the right.
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I drink one big Mcdonald"s Coffee v 2 cream and 1 sugar. I"m guesstimating for the calories as Mcdonald"s doesn"t have actually the calorie count for this. Ns measured out how much coffee they placed in (500ml"s/2 cups), plus 1/4 cup(or 6 tblspn) that cream & 2 teaspoons that sugar. I"m guessing that their one teaspoon is in reality two since the coffee tastes sweeter when they put it in contrasted to the one packet i will placed in. If someone has better calculations you re welcome let me know.

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calorie from Fat 80
% everyday Value full Fat 9g 14% saturated Fat 6g 30% trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 30mg 10% sodium 60mg 2% total Carbohydrate 12g 4% dietary Fiber 0g 0% street 16g Protein 0.2g 0% Vitamin A (IU) 100 2% Vitamin C 0mg 0% Calcium 20mg 2% iron 0mg 0%
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