From an easy keybinds to basic overviews of each setups submenu, this overview is everything you should know around the game’s controls and settings top top PC, or playing v a keyboard and also mouse on one more platform.

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From simple keybinds to basic overviews that each settings submenu, this guide is every little thing you need to know around the game’s controls and also settings top top PC, or playing v a keyboard and mouse on an additional platform.

Call that Duty: black Ops Cold war delivers the many customizable contact of Duty video game on pc yet, as there room over 200 settings to tweak, tune and configure so that it fits her rig and individual playstyle. So long as your PC have the right to run it comfortable – click here for the game’s minimum and also recommended specifications – you have the right to customize the game to her perfect balance of graphical fidelity and framerate, no to point out every solitary command ~ above keyboard and mouse or a multitude that controller options.

That’s on top of an already robust collection of choices that impacts how friend see, hear and also play black Ops Cold War, from including and removing elements of the HUD to a multitude the sound mixing options.

As among the most customizable speak to of Duty games to date, black color Ops Cold battle is focused on offering the player control over their suffer through this Settings, which include comprehensive descriptions under each choice to clean up any confusion top top what every slider, toggle, or move does.

No should feel overwhelmed about this wide range of options: this overview covers the game’s simple controls and also describes each settings food selection in basic terms, laying out where you can uncover the alternatives you desire to tune. Save this bookmarked simply in instance you forget wherein an alternative is or need a fast reminder on just how to pat the game.

For the PlayStation version of this guide, go here.

For the Xbox variation of this guide, walk here.


Gaining finish Control

The complying with list the keybinds represent the default an easy commands because that keyboard and also mouse in black Ops Cold War. All keybinds have the right to be edited in the “Keybinds” ar of the “Keyboard and Mouse” menu, which is the an initial tab in the general Settings menu.

W, A, S, D – Movement: Use these keys to relocate forward (W), left (A), behind (S), and also right (D).

F – Interact: Press this an essential to communicate with an item (e.g. Defuse a bomb) or talk with someone, have to the option end up being available. (If you choose holding this vital to communicate to avoid picking up a weapon through mistake, over there is an available setup to interact via holding this key).

Space – Jump/Stand/Mantle: Jump throughout gaps, mantle over lower objects together as barriers or windowsills, and climb particular scenery using this button. The depth of your jump may be affected by her speed. Girlfriend can also use this button while crouching or susceptible to stand up. (If you want to maximize manage over once you mantle or jump, over there is a gameplay setting that alters mantling behavior. You can also dedicate the Mantle crucial to a specialized button).

C – Crouch/Slide: When moving under normal circumstances, girlfriend tap this button to crouch. If she sprinting and hold this button, you will do it slide right into a crouch.

Left Ctrl – Prone: Tap this an essential to go prone, lowering your center of heaviness in order to carry out actions such as crawling under objects.

Left transition – Sprint/Steady Aim: If she maneuvering, press this if you move to sprint. Alternatively, while using scoped weapon such as a sniper rifle, pressing this switch will make your Operator organize their breath, allowing for steadier aim.

Alt – Walk: Press this button to move slower, which could help when trying come sneak or peek about corners.

Mouse – Aim/Look: Move the mouse around to have your personality look around or target a weapon. This deserve to be inverted within the keyboard & mouse “Aim” menu.

Left-Click – Fire Weapon: This fires projectiles from her weapon’s chamber. Pay fist to her weapon’s shooting mode summary – single, burst, or fully-automatic – together you may need come click multiple times to keep firing.

Right-Click – Aim down Sight: This traction the view in contempt to emphasis on a certain target.

Mouse Wheel increase or 2 – next Weapon: Swap come your following weapon – typically your second Weapon – by either pushing the 1 crucial or roll the computer mouse Wheel Up.

Mouse Wheel under or 1 – previous Weapon: Swap ago to a vault weapon – generally your primary Weapon – by either pressing the 2 crucial or rolling the mouse Wheel Down. Depending on settings, utilizing the next or vault Weapon commands will “wrap” weapon selection around or avoid at the very first and last weapons in a loadout.

Mouse Wheel press or G – Lethal Equipment: This makes use of the lethal tools from her loadout, such together a Frag Grenade.

Mouse switch 5 or Q – Tactical Equipment: This uses the tactical tools from your loadout, such together a flash Grenade.

Mouse switch 4 or E – Melee: Pistol whip, strike, or otherwise bludgeon a enemy at nearby quarters v the Melee strike or host to effort an execution once attacking an unsuspecting adversary from behind. Girlfriend can also melee doors open up in Fireteam.

R – Reload: Low ~ above Ammo? push this switch to Reload a weapon.

X – Use field Upgrade: When your favored in-game field Upgrade, e.g., a Trophy mechanism or field Mic, is fully charged, push this vital to activate it.

3/4/5/6– Scorestreaks: These buttons all interact a Scorestreak in Multiplayer in the first, second, third, and fourth slots, respectively.

Z – Ping: Press this an essential to “Ping” a clues in the environment, enabling you to communicate with squadmates without talking. Pressing this an essential twice provides this a “Danger” Ping, alerting her squad the potential hostile presence.

V – push to Talk: Press and hold this an essential to activate your microphone in-game. If you rather be able to talk easily without using this key, go to the “Audio” menu in “Settings” and adjust the Microphone Activation mode to open up Mic, i m sorry activates the microphone anytime the volume goes end a collection threshold.

Tab – Scoreboard/Objectives: Tap this to examine the scores for yourself, your team, and also your rivals, and other pertinent data relating to the Multiplayer or Zombies game mode. In Multiplayer, you deserve to tab over to check out a complete version the the map you’re play on. In Campaign, this will certainly remind you of the mission target and, if it has a marker or waypoint, renders it reappear ~ above screen.

ESC – Pause/Dismiss pause Menu: Press this button to lug up your pause menu. Native here, friend can access the social Menu, adjust your loadout in Multiplayer i m sorry takes impact after your next death), and also enter the robust choices menu to readjust every element of control scheme. Pushing it again dismisses this menu.

F1 – open up Social menu / Dismiss society Menu: Press this switch to be taken right to the society Menu, whereby you have the right to see what friends are online and join your sessions in progress.

Numpad 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 – choose Custom Loadouts 1-5 (Multiplayer Only) – Pressing any type of of these keys will queue increase the loadout in the designated numbered slot (e.g. Numpad 1 – tradition Loadout 1) to be energetic after your following death. Use this to easily switch loadouts in between lives quite than get in the edit Loadouts screen via pause menu.


Settings Overview

Black Ops Cold War includes a slew the customization options to do it feeling comfortable in her hands.

Below is a basic idea of the setups you’ll discover in each menu, starting with key-board & mouse settings for every platforms followed by other menus, consisting of PC-specific options.

Keyboard & Mouse

This menu is broken down into three subcategories: Aim, Gameplay, and also Keybinds.

Aim is specialized to look sensitivity – how rapid your Operator looks about whenever you relocate the mouse. Outside of an easy settings, including the capability to Invert vertical Look, the advanced component of this menu has Acceleration, Smoothing and also Filtering options, a slider because that multiplying sensitivity top top the upright axis, and also a toggle for just how ADS computer mouse Sensitivity is handled.

There room two ADS computer mouse Sensitivity Modes: legacy ties rotation speed to the brand-new field of view once Aiming down Sights, if Relative, which is encourage for advanced players, supplies an enhanced mouse algorithm to enhance mouse movement with on-screen activity without being impacted by ar of view. In using Relative, you can further tune sensitivity through a Monitor street Coefficient, which allows you to specify a monitor street that can be reached with an similar mouse activity at any kind of zoom level. Because that example, the default value, 1.33, amounts to 75% of a 16:9 monitor. Through a value of 0, girlfriend will notification that you need much more mouse motion to target at a target close to the borders of the display than in ~ a target closer come the reticle.

Gameplay covers all other alternatives outside of aiming the involve a keyboard & Mouse, consisting of Movement, tools & Equipment, Vehicles & Scorestreaks, Overlays & Shortcuts.


The advanced section the this menu has the adhering to settings:

Auto Sprint: once enabled, pressing forward provides your character acceleration immediately, rather than requiring secondary button press. Recommended because that players that play in ~ a fast pace.

Sprint Cancels Reload: When enabled, sprinting will interrupt the reload cycle. Disabling this will allow sprinting if reloading. Having actually sprint cancel the reload animation can be advantageous in instances where an enemy appears while you space still reloading.

Mouse Wheel intake Delay: Set the minimum time in millisecond (via slider) prior to it is feasible to trigger mouse wheel events. Escape of the action bound to computer mouse wheel, low worths will help trigger multiple action fast. This setup is particularly helpful if you have a very fast scrolling computer mouse wheel and if you like to use mouse Wheel to adjust weapon or readjust stance.

Weapon switch Wraparound: When enabled, weapons will bike on a loop when switching with them. When disabled, the next weapon button will switch weapons till you space holding the last fitted weapon through no wrap around, and also previous weapon commands will end with your very first equipped weapon. This is an option have to be switched come “Disabled” if you prefer the ahead Weapon command to constantly grant you her Primary and Next Weapon to provide you your an additional weapon.

Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch: When enabled, trying to fire a hosted weapon with no ammo will instantly swap it out to an additional weapon in her loadout through ammo. Disable this if you would rather not have actually a weapon switch ammunition at any time ammo is completely depleted, and your various other weapon has ammo.

Change Zoom common Input: Allows you to adjust the input offered to adjust Zoom top top a multi-zoom optic to a common input, such as the keybind provided for Sprint. Alternatively, girlfriend can set Change Zoom to a separate keybind and also have no shared input.

System key Behavior: Changes what the System crucial does whenever that is pressed. Toggle this turn off “Operating System” if friend don’t desire to inadvertently concern a command because that something external of the game, such together bringing increase a start menu.

Rounding out this trio the menus is Keybinds, which enables you to remap every command in the game. Keep in mind that some commands, such as push to Talk, can also be discovered on various other menus.



This long menu consist of all alternatives related to visuals in-game, including Hardware, Display, Details & Textures, zero & Lighting, beam Tracing, and also Post-Processing Effects.

Hardware covers display screen Mode (Windowed and Fullscreen), screen (if she using more than one), Refresh rate (only obtainable when making use of Fullscreen mode), V-Sync (limits framerate to refresh rate) because that both gameplay and menus, Render Resolution (significantly effects VRAM usage and graphical quality), Resolution, and also Aspect Ratio.

Display contains the Colorblind type accessibility option, including the capability to customize the to her condition. You can pick certain colors for each HUD market, which might make it beneficial for non-colorblind players also or further assist those with Protanopia, Deuteranopia, and also Tritanopia.

Display also features the ar of see (FOV) slider. Pushing this come the preferably of 120 allows for better peripheral vision and also a much better fit for an ultra-wide monitor yet might result in graphical issues and also a lower framerate depending on your rig. Once pushed come its shortest limit, your view will be an ext focused, making objects on her screen show up larger in ~ the sacrifice the peripheral vision. Note: FOV is also influenced by your aspect Ratio.

The rest of this subsection includes the option to tie Aim down Sights FOV to an independent value, or base it turn off the FOV value (Affected), i m sorry is recommended because that those wanting to store peripheral vision on a high FOV setting even if aiming under sights. Brightness and also Framerate borders for gameplay and also menus round the end this subsection to permit for consistent performance and prevent overheating.

Details & Textures allows you to individually toggle particular resources in-game to influence its in its entirety graphical fidelity and VRAM usage. This consists of Texture Quality, texture Filtering Quality, version Quality, Special effects Quality, Screen space Reflection and also Object check out Distance (AKA “Draw Distance”). Note: in bespeak to enable Ultra structure Quality, second texture pack must it is in installed.

Shadow & Lighting concentrates on Volumetric Lighting and also Shadows, including Shadow Quality, Dynamic Shadows, Special impact Shadows and Weapon Shadows. Ray Tracing, the adhering to menu, also ties into Shadow & Lighting; if your graphics card have the right to support ray Tracing, friend can permit Ambient Occlusion, sun Shadows, and Local Shadows for much better quality bright in-game.

Post-Processing Effects contains both NVIDIA DLSS and NVIDIA Reflex low Latency (only obtainable on supported cards through the latest drivers), together with Anti-Aliasing, approximately Occlusion and also Motion Blur. You have the right to also permit Subsurface Scattering for an ext realistic rending of person faces, as well as toggle Order freedom Transparency, which gives a far better feeling the depth top top objects that deserve to be looked through, such as car taillights.

The advanced settings include four options: display Gamma (match this to your display an equipment for exact luminosity), display Adapter (which video clip card the video game uses), Inactive practice Framerate border (allows friend to mitigate framerate when the game is reduced in bespeak to alleviate CPU/GPU usage), and the ability to Restart Shaders Compilation, if a ahead Shader install did no work.



Just favor the customizations for graphics and controls, black Ops Cold War supplies a variety of Audio options.

In the video game Sound section, you can discover the option to mute all game sound outside of Voice Chat, sliders for grasp Volume and Music, Sound Effects, Dialogue, and also Cinematics, and also a toggle because that Hit marker Sound Effects. This section also includes audio presets, i m sorry are:

· Treyarch Mix – Developer recommended sound mix collection by default.

· flat – walk not include any frequency prejudice to the sound mix.

· Headphones – Recommended because that headphone users.

· Vocal Clarity – Recommended for those who have trouble hear dialogue, even with readjusted sliders.

· Quiet – Softens all sounds when still preserving range. Recommended for playing without headphones in ~ night when preserving a low profile the end of video game is key.

· Bass an increase – substantially reinforces low end frequencies to do the game sound fuller.

· at sight Bass an increase – significantly reinforces low-end frequencies.

· High rise – Reinforces high end frequencies by way of cutting lower end frequencies, make the game sound brighter and details sounds, such as footsteps, less complicated to choose out.

The Voice Chat classification covers microphone audio, and also audio native game and also party chat. Go here to change Voice chat Volume, Microphone Activation Mode, open Mic Sensitivity and Microphone Volume. You can likewise limit conversations to simply your Party rather than the whole Game Chat v the Voice & message Channel Toggle, and turn Voice chat off every together.


In addition to Subtitles – which have the right to be adjusted by size and opacity – you can show or hide numerous HUD aspects for your ideal viewing and also gameplay experience.

Specifically, you can hide fight Markers, including Damage-Based hit Markers the display various markers depending on the form of damage inflicted, Crosshairs, Ally and Enemy health Bars, the Horizontal Compass and Player Names, i m sorry can also be shortened. Because that Zombies, friend can likewise turn off Floating damages Numbers (shows exactly how much damages is excellent to a zombie) and Zombie Names and also Health Bars.

Advanced settings here incorporate the ability to rotate In-Game alarm Icons, such together that for Packet Loss and also Latency Variation, on and off, mouse Tooltips and Input maker Icons, which shows whether a player in a player list is making use of a key-board & computer mouse or Controller.

On PC, visit this menu to toggle on-screen Telemetry monitors, which covers FPS Counter, GPU Temperature, Clock, and also Time, GPU Time, VRAM Usage, and System Clock, on and off.


Should you desire to use a controller, this menu gives you the alternative to move input maker and change settings connected with controller play.

Visit one of two people console platform’s guide, depending upon your controller, because that a failure of this settings.

Account & Network

Last, yet not least, this menu covers her Activision Account, Network Information and Content Filters.

The optimal section – activision Account – allows you to change your Activision display Name and also Associated E-mail Address, too as allow Cloud save Settings, which allows you to store all settings consistent across platforms v your activision Account. This is additionally where you can permit or disable Crossplay.

Next is Network Information, which us recommend not visiting if you are sharing your display with a friend or a community via picture, video or stream. This reflects your link Status, NAT Type, Bandwidth and also Connection Type, and also is whereby you deserve to see her Geographical an ar and IP Addresses (both External and Internal).

On PC, this is where you deserve to toggle Server Latency and also Packet loss telemetry monitors on in-game, enabling you to monitor your connection during gameplay.

Finally, contents Filters is wherein you can permit and disable graphic Content and also Profanity in text Chat. If you don’t want to watch Friend Request and Party Invite Notifications ~ above the peak right corner of your display during a game, you have the right to turn them turn off here. Furthermore, you deserve to randomize the surname of yourself and those in the lobby through two separate toggles, which may be valuable if you room streaming her match and want to stay anonymous.

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That wraps up all the controls and settings within call of Duty: black color Ops Cold War. While this overview may have helped prize a few questions, it’s ideal to suffer the video game for yourself and follow in-game instructions, conveniently found below each setup within the menu. Otherwise, visit Activision assistance for any further questions.