After hrs of trial and error I’ve came down on what i think is the best Wii Remote configuration for Call the Duty: black color Ops 2. I’ve been testing it for days now and also it works incredibly well.

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What made finding the ideal configuration really challenging was the relationship between the numerous settings. Because every setting can impact another, you’re spring at potentially hundreds of feasible variations. The breakthrough moment for me was identifying what was not negotiable compared to what was yes, really up to personal preference. When I was able to nail under the fundamentals it was easy.

Now the very first three screens can be excellent in any type of order; it’s every other display screen after this the you have to follow carefully.

Firstly set the ADS Reach come the max (40), and the Weapon Pickup come “Inventory Button”. If you use the run switch you’ll be constantly choose up tools by accident so girlfriend don’t want that.

UPDATE: Here’s my latest button mappings. After ~ a year of playing I’ve to be refining this and also have found this to be the many optimal:

I found these to be the best Aim Style options:

It’s the perfect hight and also it’s yes, really soft so you can mould it right into the shape that friend want.

Now what you desire to do is place your eight so that both the bottom the the Wii remote and the bottom of her wrist is against the leaf of the cushion, like this:

The trick here is come pivot her wrist and the bottom the the Wii remote versus the cushion for this reason it offers just sufficient friction, however doesn’t acquire in the way.

The following picture is also low – there will be too much friction so friend won’t be able to respond easily enough:

And this one is way too far, there’s not enough friction so her cursor will certainly be going almost everywhere the place:

This bring away a many of acquiring used to however overtime girlfriend will uncover that this regulate setup come a close second only to the mouse and keyboard together the ideal possible means to manage an FPS.  

UPDATE: I have actually now uncovered that you should experiment with two various other things:

1) remove the Wii remote jacket – this gives extra friction which might be beneficial in the beginning, yet ends up acquiring in the means as you become better.

2) Make certain you don’t have actually your arm resting on a animal leather couch / surface – again there’s too lot friction over there making it challenging to articulate your wrist properly. Experiment v a towel couch or other materials other than leather.

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One final tip – if friend are brand-new to utilizing the Wii Remote, you might want to try playing with the solitary player project again before heading earlier to multiplayer. I discovered after simply one beat through, the new control system was second nature come me.