Do you want to make a fast escape to Snoqualmie falls near Seattle? There space a number of ways to get there from downtown Seattle without a car.

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Take A Tour

First, we prefer to think our Snoqualmie Falls and also City tourism is a pretty an excellent value and also we spend enough time to have actually you reap the viewpoint and also take in some of mother Nature’s beauty. Us will even give girlfriend some picture tips to help you take better photos while you space there.

Via Uber


Uber will certainly be your many expensive choice as you can see through the over chart. This graph was produced midday around 1 PM, surging pricing will be more. Save in psychic this is one means and you’ll have to hope to record an Uber on the means back together well unless you have the right to talk the driver right into waiting.

Snoqualmie drops By Bus from Seattle


Bus business in Seattle is pretty good, however this bus path to Snoqualmie drops will show off a little of walking together well.

Catch the 554 refer at fifth and Jackson in Downtown SeattleGet turn off at just 6 at the Issaquah Transit CenterCatch the 208 neighborhood towards phibìc Bend and also Snoqualmie Ridge in ~ Bay 4Get off the bus at the stop close to the old heavy steam locomotive at the intersection of railroad Avenue SE and Snoqualmie Parkway.Walk throughout the bridge and also stay to the left a small over half a mile to Snoqualmie Falls

Current bus price is only $5.00 each way.

This schedule can adjust at any type of time and also it’s ideal to consult the present route information.

Town auto or Limo Service

There are countless town car and also limo solutions in Seattle and also prices vary wildly. We found this rate sheet indigenous Snoqualmie come Seattle priced between $85-$95 each way.

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And finally By Car

If you have actually a rental car, it’s simple to simply gain onto interstate 90 indigenous Downtown Seattle and head east to leave 25. Take it a left turn off the exit and you’ll pass with an area called Snoqualmie Ridge. When you obtain to the bottom the the hill, take a left in ~ the Railroad crossing on rail Avenue and also go throughout the bridge, the falls will it is in on her left. Take the third exit in the roundabout and it will certainly be on your left. As of this writing, parking is $7 near the giftshop, however park in the lot the contrary the lodge and giftshops and also parking is free.