Leslie Burke not just beats all the guys in the races on the very first day of school, however she continues to win. On the critical day of that week, they decision to finish the races all together for the remainder of the college year. Jesse, instead, starts come look forward to Friday music course with miss Edmunds. She had actually stopped the in the hallway come ask around his drawings and also requested come see some of them. The is still in love through her, for this reason Fridays remain the to mark of his week. While to sing in music class, Jesse decides Leslie isn"t so bad after all, he smiles in ~ her, which she returns and their friendship blooms. He feels together if his life has suddenly taken a rotate for the better.On the method home the day, Jesse to learn Leslie"s parents aren"t poor like many of the civilization in Lark Creek. They moved to Lark Creek to live a simpler life, however they didn"t suppose the various other children"s reaction to Leslie. Due to the fact that she dresses and also acts in different way she is teased and also ostracized, which renders her thankful for Jesse"s friendship. One day, after ~ Mrs. Myers reads one essay Leslie wrote about her hobby, scuba diving; she tells the course they should watch a tv show around the sea and also write a report. Leslie"s trouble is her family members doesn"t own a tv set. She speak the teacher around her predicament in front of the class, which leader to she being furious mercilessly in ~ recess. On the way home, Jesse protects her from a seventh-grade girl who is a bully. Leslie after that asks Jesse come come and also play at she house. Together they go the end to the woods behind her house and find a rope tied come a tree, i m sorry they usage to swing out over a gully. Leslie think the 2 of them require a mystery place to speak to their own; somewhere they can kind a wonder land and also be the rulers. They uncover an area on the various other side of the gully. Leslie names it Terabithia and also they use uncovered wood to develop their castle. This is the one location where they both feel safe. Jesse feels at Terabithia he deserve to do anything and he likes talking to Leslie, because she opens a whole different world to him. Her parents room writers, who space successful, which method Leslie has had different methods given to her. Jesse"s dad doesn"t favor him hanging out through a girl, he worries about what will occur to Jesse. Jesse"s mother doesn"t choose Leslie, because she think her garments are "tacky" and her hair is too short. Jesse doesn"t feel comfortable at Leslie"s house, since her parents space so smart and also they make him feel dumb.Even despite Leslie provides up stories of giants who rage against Terabithia, the real large is janice Avery. She and also her friends, Wilma Dean and Bobby Sue Henshaw, take it lunches, hopscotch rocks, and also lunch money from tiny girls. So, on the job Jesse"s sister, may Belle, loudly proclaims to anyone on the bus she has Twinkies in her having lunch box, they understand May Belle will probably be relieved of her treat. Jesse tries to warn his sisters to keep quiet about her special snack, yet she won"t hear to him. In ~ recess, she is in tears as she speak Jesse and also Leslie, zenith Avery took she Twinkies. She wants her large brother to tear zenit into little pieces for acquisition the Twinkies, however the principal, Mr. Turner, is especially hard on boys that fight girls. They convince might Belle to let castle get even with Janice one more way.They brainstorm some different ways to assault Janice, till Leslie comes up through a foolproof plan. She asks Jesse if Janice has a to like on any type of of the boys at school. The tells her every girl in the seventh-grade likes Willard Hughes. Leslie and also Jesse put her arrangement into action.First, she has Jesse write a note to Janice, from Willard professing his love because that her. He tells her to skip the bus the day so he can walk she home. The to walk is number of miles long, yet he desires to use the moment to talk around them together a couple. The keep in mind tells Janice no to call anyone he composed her, which ensures she will certainly tell everyone around the note. The whole suggest of Leslie"s arrangement is come embarrass Janice, something she understand Janice cannot stand to have occur to her.Jesse manages to tree the keep in mind in Janice"s desk before school starts the next day. Jesse and Leslie clock at recess as Janice and her 2 friends strut roughly the playground emotion pleased about Janice"s new love. Climate at the finish of the day, that is noticed by the other students that Janice is not on the bus. She friend, Wilma Dean, speak everyone around Janice"s huge date, which is why she will not it is in riding the bus. Then one of the other kids informs Wilma he just saw Willard Hughes sit at the back of a bus, together it left the school. The following day, zenit is extremely angry when she plank the bus. Leslie and also Jesse are cautious not let their facial expressions provide them away as the culprits who planted the note. Might Belle starts to number out what she brother and also his friend did for her. She is called the truth, but cautioned to keep it quiet, due to the fact that Janice will kill lock if she finds out they are responsible for her humiliation.Leslie and Jesse bond throughout music class. Jesse allows himself to befriend the outcast in school, which rewards him with a friend that is constantly there because that him.

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They develop their very own country, Terabithia and also from there spin tales and encourage each other. Castle also aid May Belle take revenge versus the bully who stole her Twinkies.