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Hi everyone. I have actually a 2001 325i through 38,000 miles on it. Critical week, the "Service Engine Soon" light came on, even though the engine seems to it is in running together fine as it ever did, and gas mileage hasn"t changed.I recognize there room a bunch of factors this light have the right to come on, yet wondered if friend guys have actually experienced this and if so, what the reason was and how much you had actually to salary to acquire it fixed. Appears a small early because that an oxygen sensor replacement. . .

Hi everyone. I have a 2001 325i v 38,000 miles on it. Last week, the "Service Engine Soon" light came on, also though the engine appears to be running as fine as it ever did, and gas purpose of use hasn"t changed.I understand there are a bunch of reasons this light can come on, however wondered if girlfriend guys have experienced this and if so, what the reason was and also how much you had actually to pay to gain it fixed.Seems a little early for an oxygen sensor replacement. . .
One factor is not having actually the gas cap totally tightened. Inspect that first. The light may or might not go out by itself if that is the problem.
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Do a search NOOB! vehicle should still be under warranty, no?I have to assume the you did know around the gas cap and have tightened it. If therefore there space a hundreds other feasible triggers because that the examine engine light that does not influence drive-ability (or doesn"t rear it"s ugly head until later).Assuming you space correct the the engine runs simply as fine together ever, that rules out the ignition coils, which is a common reason for the CEL and is a very common fail item ~ above this particular vintage. There are two other causes that I understand of the does not influence drive-ability. An initial is the Camshaft place sensor. As soon as this fails it"ll either reason an intermitten examine engine light (if the CEL goes off by itself in a couple of days yet returns later with no provacation) or if both sensors fail the CEL will remain lit. One more is the accelerator potentiometer, this will reason the CEL to which permanently but does not influence drive-ability at all.Those are the just two reasons that ns am conscious of that does set off the CEL however does not affect drivability. There space probably hundreds of other problems that may potentially cause the same problem/symptoms friend described, and also there is no means to diagnose them unless the car is hooked as much as a GT1 or indistinguishable diagnostic machine.

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