The automobile brand Ferrari today is linked with wealth and prosperity. A reared equine with a logo is accurate known almost everywhere the world.

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What does SF ~ above the Ferrari logo design mean?The SF monogram indigenous the top Ferrari logo design stands for “Scuderia Ferrari”, which deserve to be translated from Italian as “Stable”, wherein the racing horses were kept. The Ferrari racing team is likewise known as Scuderia.

Meaning and history


One the the legends of the world’s luxury cars industry, Italian Ferrari, is the company, the has always been an extremely consistent v its intuitive identity. The top symbol, design in the 1920s has actually never left the automaker’s intuitive identity, as was placed there together a tribute the the actual Hero.


It is exciting that on the Barak plane the image appeared as a kind of military trophy. The horse had migrated there from another plane, shot under by Barakka. In ~ the helm of this very an initial aircraft to be a indigenous of German Stuttgart (on the cloak of arms of this city is represented specifically such a horse, only slightly more fattened). However, over there is also a version that the black equine adorned the coat of eight of the Barakka family.

It is likewise surprising the on the very first motorcycles that the Ducati brand the very same symbol was provided – a rearing steed (with recommendation to the coat of arms of the very same Stuttgart). However, through the increasing popularity that the Ferrari brand, the motorcycle corporation determined to replace its very own logo.

1929 – 1931

The black color prancing equine on a yellow shield very first appeared top top the Ferrari dare in 1929, yet not numerous know, the the root of this above emblem room deep in the aviation industry and Italian history.

The prancing horse was the symbol, the nationwide hero Francesco Baracca, put on his planes throughout the civilization War I. And the steed was taken by Ferrari ~ the mom of the renowned pilot asked around it, in order to keep the logotype around her son alive.

The original Ferrari logo was composed of a yellow shield with black, red, and white present on that is top and letters “S” and “F” (standing for Scuderia Ferrari) top top the bottom. The black equine was placed in the middle of the emblem, attracted in profile, transforming left.

1931 – 1939

In 1931 the shield to be slightly modified. Its top curved component became directly horizontal and was now colored in the Italian flag color board — green, white and also red.

The steed was likewise redrawn with its contours more distinct and also clean, all the white accents to be gone and also replaced by yellow. The special black synopsis of the shield was removed, now the emblem looked brighter and also fresher.

1939 – Today

The Ferrari logo, introduced in 1939 is slightly various from all the various other badges the the brand. And the main distinction here is the shape. The argorial from the thirties was created of a gradient orange medallion in a special yellow structure with a thin black color outline and also an elegant black “Auto-Avio Construzioni” inscription. The above black horse on this logo was also modified — the graceful pet was turned come the right and also had two elegant prevalent wings behind its back.

1947 – 2002


In 1947 the new concept was lugged to the brand’s intuitive identity. The shield was changed by a vertically located rectangle v its corners rounded. The shade palette remained the same, yet now the stripes of the Italian flag to be separated through thin black lines.

The horse was redrawn in a modern-day way, it gained a sleeker silhouette and also got back its white accents, which included volume and a sense of activity to the image.

Another important change was around wordmark. The “SF” lettering was replaced by the “Ferrari” logotype in black. Among the most recognizable nameplates in the automotive sector is written in a practice serif font through the upper horizontal bar that the letter “F” elongated.

2002 – Today


The redesign of 2002 didn’t change much is the classy Ferrari logo. The contours ended up being slightly cleaner and also the just visible adjust was made come the flag — the black color lines between green, white and red stripes were removed, which made the whole badge look smoother and much more elegant.



The key symbol the the brand Ferrari, therefore, is a equine that has got up on its hind legs. The association, which evoked in Enzo Ferrari’s contemporaries this image, deserve to be formulated together “rampant”, “speediness” or, in other words, “speed.” However, in heraldry, this position of the racehorse symbolizes also power and victory.

Car logos v horse



The shape of the emblem varied depending upon the fashion patterns in industrial design. Initially, the emblem was much more like a festive flag, hung vertically from the home windows of the Italian palazzo at the time of the huge celebrations. Top top a red background there was a banner, made in the colour of the national flag. ~ above it, in turn, the heraldically authentic image of the horse, stand on the hind legs, enrolled in the triangular kind of the coat of arms, is to adjust out. Later the type changed, the red color was almost eliminated, but the heraldic structure (the figure on the coat of arms) was maintained in virtually all variations.



Throughout the history of the brand, the font has changed, however insignificantly. Speaking figuratively, that “lost weight”, the currently became much more elegant and also subtle. However the very type of font writing, in which the extension of the first letter is simultaneously the pinnacle that the whole text element, stayed unchanged.




Black horse, the central figure of the logo, in its very color symbolizes power and also extravagance. Equally crucial is the Italian tricolor the was existing on all variants the the logo.

But the yellow background color has not only the symbolism that the color itself and also its shrill brightness and festivity. The flag the the city of Modena, the birthplace the Enzo Ferrari, has actually a unique yellow segment in that is composition. By the way, not much from this city is quiet the headquarters of the “Ferrari stable”.

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What is Ferrari?Ferrari is the vehicle brand from Italy, synonymous with the most luxurious and also chic sporting activities cars, which are usually designed in one of three corporate colors of the company: red, black, or yellow.