No issue what your firm specializes on, your logo is the “face” of her brand – it should reflect your solid sides and also unique features. When it come to car logos, the an option of logo is critical – all in all, this is what identifies her product in ~ the very first glance. Because that this reason, some automobile manufacturers chose not to restrict through usual letters and also signs – they began using logos v horses.

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The horse is a complicated symbol with lots of meanings, however in many cultures, that symbolizes wisdom, power, dynamism, and also agility. Aren’t these features usual of world most beneficial cars? Let’s trace the history of car logos v horses.



This brand was developed in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche, and Porsche headquarters were in Stuttgart. The company’s logo design is based on the coat of eight of the complimentary People’s State the Württemberg of former Weimar Germany, but since the dare were created in Stuttgart, its coat of arms with a black stallion top top yellow lift was likewise placed in the center of the emblem The logo as we know it today appeared in 1952 and also was at first placed in the centre of the steering wheel. It was sketched through Xaver Reimspieß who insurance claims it symbolizes the origins of the company. Because then, the logo design wasn’t changed much.



Enzo Ferrari has chose to put a black equine on his car logos after conference Francesco Baracca’s (a famed airman of WW1) mother who claimed that the equine painted on her son’s fighter airplane fuselage will lug him luck. The yellow background is chosen to represent Modena, Ferrari’s motherland. Because 1947, the letters S and F were simply replaced by the word ‘Ferrari’, though the Italian flag above was preserved.

Ford Mustang


The idea of depicting a steed by Phillip cutting board Clark that joined Ford in the 1960’s and also spent over 100 work making sketches of a running stallion. However, the wood sculpture that the well known running pony to be made by Charles Keresztes’ in 1963 (it was based on Clark’s sketches). Mustang logo design was altered several times, and also in 2010, the horse got a more aggressive and also muscular look.



Here, the factor for put a steed on the emblem is simple. Bajoun is interpreted from Chinese “寳駿; pinyin: Bǎojùn” together “Treasured Horse”. The logo simply represents the this firm name.

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When it concerns making up a logo for your auto brand, the equine is constantly a an excellent solution. This is precisely what symbolizes strength, speed, reliability, and loyalty. And the reality that together logos haven’t to be significantly transformed from the minute of their production proves that.