Oakland County, Michigan is a stone"s throw from Detroit"s well known 8-Mile and the streets below are just as tough, yet the deputies and inmates who run Oakland county Jail"s "Turn-Around" program are even tougher. When an inmate physically obstacles a teen, points reach a heat pitch, and for the very first time on past Scared Straight, a teen is thrown out of the program.

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BrandonAt the Conclusion that Production:Brandon stays committed to transforming his life. That has offered up his gangster friends, research studies with a tutor double a week and hopes to sign up with the football team.

Latest Update: February 2013:Brandon achieved a past Scared Straight first when he to be kicked out of the jail tourism for his persistent negative behavior. His mother lost all expect in the moment, but Brandon currently says, "Getting kicked the end made me establish it was time because that a change."

Fifteen month after the prison tour, Brandon has started to make some major changes in his life. Not only did he graduate native high school, he i graduated on the A/B honor Roll and was named Most boosted Student.

Brandon wishes to to visit college, and also is right now focused on detect a job.


GarrettAt the Conclusion the Production:Garrett has stopped smoking cigarettes pot and also is trying to quit drinking. He has actually enrolled in an alternative school. ~ above graduation he plans to join the military.

Latest Update: December 2011:Garrett instantly clashed with policemans when he landed on the Oakland county Jail "Turn Around" program. "I walked into the jail reasoning it to be going to be a piece of cake, however it wasn"t," the recalls. The police officers weren"t fond that his lack of respect because that authority, and they weren"t afraid to acquire physical, forcing him to take it a seat once he wouldn"t avoid talking back.

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A year later, Garrett has actually made significant improvements in his life. No longer living top top his own, he has decided to leaving his party way of life behind and also is now living with his grandmother. The says, "After the jail tourism I relocated in through my grandma since it"s a place, one environment, for me to be able to go come school, walk to work, and focus on mine priorities."

His grandmother says that Garrett has actually improved "257%" in the year that he"s lived through her. The earned his GED and also is now taking university courses. His granny is especially proud the he make the decision to change his life top top his own. There to be no push or ultimatums indigenous her the Garrett must proceed his education. He chose to perform it on his own, and also then made it happen.

Garrett called producers, "Right now I feel prefer I have every little thing together and also I feel like I"m acquiring my life top top the appropriate track. I guess I simply needed some framework in mine life - something I never really had since my mommy died."