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I tested the Jeep Liberty with countless different tires, and i tested it in plenty of different weather conditions and also terrains. For example, because that off-roading the best one out of the ones i tested to be the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2, the most comfortable to be the General Grabber HTS60 and the best performers in eye were the Fierce perspective M/T.

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Depending ~ above what specifically you space looking for, we have 5 an excellent recommendations and we will talk in detail about each of them.

Originally motivated by the design from the Dakar and Jeepster vehicles, the Liberty was mostly made together a replacement because that the stop Jeep Cherokee, while it additionally was the first Jeep to use rank and also pinion steering, and then additionally the first to usage the 2 then-new PowerTech engines.

Having a deluxe car method you need to have a an excellent set the tires too, i beg your pardon is why we tried to compile a list of the bust products for this year, while we will also provide you with a complete buying guide, on things to consider, just how to pick the best set of tires, and also which one meets your requirements the most.

As you might know, there room different types of tires available, i beg your pardon is why you have to know specifically for what weather condition you need the tires the most, because that example, there room winter tires, summer tires, power tires, all-season tires, all-terrain tires, mud terrains, etc.

Our many recommended tires are the all-season tires, i m sorry can gain the project done in practically any weather condition, also in snow, come be more precise in light snow, because for hefty snow you’ll want to obtain a an excellent set of winter tires for an ext safety and performance.

To finish this write-up in the best method possible, us consulted about the commodities with many professionals and experts, while us also noted them based on durability, quality, performance, design, and price.

PhotoNameCheck Price
Best because that SnowFierce attitude M/T
Best ComfortGeneral Grabber HTS60
Best because that Quiet RideBridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus
Best for SUVMichelin Defender LTX M/S
Best because that All-TerrainsBFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

A piece of advice for you guys, prior to you purchase a set of tires, make certain you read a pair of customer reviews from individuals who already purchased the tire, that way you get much more precise and also accurate information about how the product performs in real life.

The 5 finest Tires because that Jeep Liberty

5. Fierce mindset M/T 

The Fierce attitude MT is a uniquely designed and engineered tire that is make to provide high-performance also in the most too much weather conditions. Friend won’t have actually to problem whether the is dirt or hefty snow since the perspective MT is designed because that all types of trucks likewise or 4×4 SUVs.

In regards to construction, this particular tire feature a hard tread link which is matched with those wild mud-terrain tread patterns, while that is designed because that high-traction in whichever situation you find yourself in, even if it is it is mud or any other off-road terrain. In size, most of castle are developed with one E load range rating, i beg your pardon basically makes it ideal for use on trucks that are provided on building sites because that extra pack carrying capacity.

To continue, the tire also includes staggered shoulder blocks which not only serve for increasing traction ~ above off-road, but they will additionally enhance the power on on-road and also reduce roadway noise and also vibrations, when they do for a more quality ride. Various other than that, it likewise has an alternating lug pattern which functions larger lugs with included sipes that space there to administer the user through extra tight on wet pavement, and even in the snow.

In addition, the larger deep tread voids will enable the tire to self-clean chin of mud, rocks and other debris that could occur. Except that, the in salt protector is also included which will aid in protecting the high value wheel from accidental damage.

Moreover, just like in any other tire, the inner component of this tire is composed of 3-ply steel-belted construction which is over there for added strength and also durability, while there is likewise a 3-ply polyester sidewall to boost puncture resistance.

Overall, this is yes, really an high value tire, to be honest, however it is definitely worth it since not only that it delivers exceptional performance, but also packs significant durability.

4. Basic Grabber HTS60

At number four, we have the HTS60 which was originally constructed to change the independent HTS version. Thus, this new General Grabber HTS60 has good upgrades and improvements top top performance, comfort, and also improved tread wear. Come be an ext precise, this particular tire is said to enhance wear by 25% end its predecessor, i beg your pardon is miscellaneous we deserve to all appreciate, and also what all of us room after for.

To get much more into the details, the HTS60 was developed for all varieties of pickups, vans, crossovers and SUV’s, when this design uses a new cut and also chip resistant tread compound, the is a part of the company’s DuraGen technology that usually adds extra to trust and far better overall tread life.

To continue, there are some differences you can notice when you to compare the original HTS and the HTS60, such together the tread sample which has changed slightly while it differs between metric sizes and also LT sizes. For her information, metric sizes carry out enhanced traction and also comfortability, when LT sizes are mostly there because that optimization of much more stability and grip when hauling more heavier loads.

Let’s not forget to mention the dry traction that this tire, which is enhanced through the tire’s constant centre rib, intermediary tread blocks and also notched shoulders. Handling and also steering an answer is also impacted by these elements, i beg your pardon you’ll find to be fairly functional and practical.

Therefore, a combination of this sort allows the HTS60 for a very great on-centre feel and more responsive steering 보다 the initial version.

Reaching this part, it is also important to cite the four circumferential grooves and added sipes roughly the tread, i beg your pardon you can expect come deliver good handling on wet pavement, while the tread is likewise optimized to obtain rid as much water together it have the right to to alleviate the hazard of hydroplaning, yes, this tire is additionally hydroplane-resistant.

The HTS60 is also great for light snow, i beg your pardon is may be to save its traction abilities, yet when it concerns heavy snow, us wouldn’t recommend using this tire, instead, make certain you acquisition a set of winter tires for better performance and comfort.

To finish up, we extremely suggest you take it this tire right into serious consideration, specifically if you’re in search of an affordable collection of tires which cover mainly all the features a premium tires has.

3. Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus

Bridgestone comes from a heat of really successful products and also from a an extremely well-known brand that has actually been about for rather some years now, and due to their quality and high-performing tires, lock have controlled to it is in on peak of the chain for virtually any tires category.

Bridgestone is mostly well-known for the comfort the their tires provide, in fact, it is among the key selling points of Bridgestone products. Thus, come get more into the specifics, the Dueler has actually an asymmetric tread pattern which renders sure to minimize road noise or off-road noise, no issue the speed rate.

However, a consistent all-season tire will certainly not be perfect in all pavements and also surfaces, however this is not the case with dueler, for instance, unlike most all-season tires, this one additionally performs exceptionally an excellent on dry roads. To earlier this up, there are notched shoulder blocks and constant centre ribs which basically enhance the tire’s power on dry roads greatly. Yet that’s no all, these will also help for high-traction in whichever weather problems you find yourself in, whether it is wet, dry, or snowy.

To continue, similar to many other tires out there, the Dueler also has circumferential grooves, which do the tires an excellent for snow as well, while except that, the had lateral notches and sipes will certainly also assist in this situation

Just favor with any kind of other all-season tire, we additionally won’t recommend making use of this tire in ice, since it is not really designed because that that, nor is the tread pattern and compound, therefore for better safety and performance, make certain you purchase a great set that winter tires.

Not come forget come mention, the tire likewise packs great durability, which with the aid of the sidewall protection, the tire boasts a expectancy of 80,000-miles, i beg your pardon is method much higher than any kind of other casual, likewise priced, and over this price range tires.

Speaking the the sidewall, the is likewise fade-resistant, for this reason if you see this tire as a whole, it really deserves the reputation due to the fact that there is really nothing bad about it, and also it checks all the boxes of what and how a premium tire need to be like.

2. Michelin Defender LTX M/S

Narrowing down our list, in ~ number two, we have the Michelin Defender. Yes, you’ve more than likely noticed that we’ve offered this certain tire as the ideal option in numerous of our tires categories, yet that’s no randomly, the is because this tire really packs whatever you could ask for, and over all, it is one of the most durable tires out there.

This tires is extensively being used an international by owner of SUVs, crossovers, and trucks. In terms of construction, the boasts an outstanding Evertread compound, when it has high-density energetic sipes that are there to assist in even the most excessive weather conditions. Apart from that, the lateral grooves will aid in water drainage, along with the MaxTouch building that will spread out the force over the tire evenly. Thus, this will result in higher durability, far better handling, and far better braking distances.

What we like most around this tires is that unlike many other tires at this price range won’t alleviate road noise and also vibrations, which have the right to be fairly annoying and also for some people, it instantly changes the impression lock have around the tire. Through the Defender, you won’t have such thoughts due to the fact that road noises and vibrations space unlikely to occur.

To get an ext into the specifics, the tires performs surprisingly fine on wet pavement, together it also offers great traction in snow, i beg your pardon is why we think about this come be among the ideal all-season tires the end there.

We stated that durability is just one of the the strongest points the this tire, well, that is true due to the fact that the tire can withstand an impressive amount that 80,000-miles, while we also discussed this with numerous professionals, experts, and people who already purchased the tire, and also found this to it is in true, and it is mainly possible due come the high quality compound and also the tread pattern.

To end up up, if you’re after top quality all-season tires, in fact, the finest all-season tires that you can uncover out there, then perhaps start saving some money due to the fact that if you acquisition this set of tires, girlfriend will never regret your decision.

1. BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2

As because that our last product, we have the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2, which is the second all-terrain tires in this list, however this one is slightly far better than the other. The All-Terrain KO2 provides up for a perfect all-rounder, which is additionally one that the main selling point out of this tire, because it can accommodate a car in whichever weather condition you find yourself in, without shedding quality or performance.

To begin off through its construction, the KO2 has a computer-optimized tread pattern that contains high-voids and also interlocking tread blocks, along with loose object ejection and also sidewall armour. So, as soon as you see this tire as a whole, it is nice durable, even if friend ride in the most excessive terrains and also weather conditions. No matter if that is off-road or on-road, the tire has the capability to handle its method into any type of terrain such as rocky terrains, mud, and it is even perfect for cold freezing temperatures in ice.

Speaking of on-road performance, you’ll be happy to recognize that the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 has actually the capability to completely shut off-road noises and vibrations of together sort. Apart from that, you’ll be additionally provided an excellent handling and also a far better grip than most other tires the end there.

All and all, this tires comes through a 50,000-mile tread warranty, which for an all-terrain tire, the is nice good. We’ve check out some client reviews where they complain the this tire has less tread life than most other similarly priced tires on the market, yet as we pointed out, this is one all-terrain tire, and this mile tread vouch calculates and take the consideration of the tires being propelled in the most too much terrains and weather conditions.

To end up up, together our editors’ height pick, we recommend the BFGoodrich come everyone trying to find a high quality tire. For those who think about brand reputation over all, this tire will be the ideal choice for them.

Some advice on how to preserve your tires properly

To begin off, we will start by discussing what the encourage tire pressure is, of course, for far better performance, and a comfortable ride. Depending upon your vehicle, in this case, the Jeep Liberty, there need to be a manufacturer statement on what the encourage tire pressure is because every auto requires different tire pressure. Normally, you could find this details on the inside driver’s door jam. Take this right into serious consideration and also do no deviate indigenous this tires pressure. Also, apart from this, you can use a tire push lookup device as well, which deserve to view the manufacturer-recommended inflations because that standard-sized tires on your vehicle.

However, tire pressure is a difficult task to notification and referee on sight alone due to the fact that tires deserve to be under 50% inflated till you begin noticing it, before that, it’s yes, really hard, which is why we recommend checking her tire push monthly with a specific and precise tire gauge.

Rolling resistance likewise plays an essential part in your tires’ performance and also maintenance. Thus, this steps the pressure which is required to role a tire versus a dynamometer in ~ a solved speed of 50mph. Each tire can have a different rolling resistance, if the tread compound plays a significant role together well, nonetheless, as far as you’re concerned around construction, size, and also even tread pattern, lock can likewise have an influence. To get a great performance, in ~ least, three tires should be operation in each configuration.

Finally, you should also take precautions as soon as it involves treading wear. Tires have the right to wear quickly because of improper inflation just as we pointed out above, driving conditions, misaligned vehicles, worn car parts, and also some various other reasons. We suggest you take an excellent care of her tires and check lock monthly so girlfriend don’t have to spend a entirety fortune ~ above tires every year, do the points that we provided above, examine your tire press monthly, make sure your tires are produced that specific terrain or weather condition you journey your vehicle in, etc.

Frequently inquiry Questions(FAQ)

Q: does nitrogen do a difference in tires?

A: For her information, nitrogen is acceptable together an inflation gas for usage in Bridgestone and Firestone passenger, truck, and light van tires. These space constructed and also designed come act as push retention devices, permitted to administer durability because that the life of the tire and restricting air loss because of permeability. Thus, nitrogen doesn’t cause any detrimental reaction come the within liner. However, we cannot really confirm anything to the cases states by assorted nitrogen suppliers.

Q: What size tires space on a Jeep Liberty?

A: The Jeep Liberty can accommodate tires with up come 265/75R16 tires.

Q: can I tell by just looking at my tire if it has lost air push or not?

A: To notice that mine eyesight it’s really difficult, girlfriend will only see the difference when the tire has actually lost inflation to 50% or below, an ext than that, friend won’t know, however of course, you’ll view your cars’ performance drop.


As you can see, choosing the best set of tires for her Jeep Liberty have the right to be tough, however, if girlfriend take all the things that we mentioned into consideration, you’ll manage. In this article, us tried to administer you with the many accurate and precise information we have the right to on tires, when we additionally discussed v professionals and also experts around our detailed products, and we made sure to talk to client that already purchased the product because you can’t simply trust manufacturer statements.

For her convenience, make certain you check customer reports around the tires yourself, to acquire the most details you can even though we think us have included everything the you have to know.

For this article, ours editors’ top pick for today is the BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2, and no, we’re not really fans of BFGoodrich, but you simply can’t overlook a top quality tire when you watch one. The checks all the boxes for an all-terrain tire, which is may be to carry out exceptionally an excellent in different weather conditions, while the is likewise durable and also has sufficient tread life to last you for many years come come.

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We expect this write-up was advantageous to you, and if friend have any kind of questions regarding this topic, make certain you call us and also we’ll get ago to girlfriend as quickly as us can.