Are you headed out to a game at MetLife Stadium? do you require some recommendations on wherein to sit? that’s what we’re here for! We know if you’ve never ever been to a game it have the right to really confusing to understand where to sit based upon your price range. We’ve damaged it down for friend so the you have the right to know precisely where you want to it is in to get the most out of your visit to MetLife Stadium.

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Best seats Money deserve to Buy

Field Level club Seating: part 111C, 112-114, 115C
View From ar 113

The Toyota Coaches Club, stretching much more than 18,000 square feet throughout the residence sideline, is set directly in in between the 2 team locker rooms and also provides unmatched, exclusive ar level accessibility to the 50 garden line. This field level club provides the absolute ideal experience in the stadium with built in concessions and bars and on-field patio access! This section gives you access to the short article game interview room where you can fulfill the players after the game. It is typical to check out the player’s households sitting in this section. Guests additionally have club accessibility and a personal entrance! This section gives an unbeatable experience and also luxury amenities while continuing to be close to all the plays. Additionally, Coaches club ticket holders are listed with parking patent to offer you a worry totally free trip to the stadium. If you are looking to splurge a little and desire VIP accessibility and treatment, these space the perfect option! it does no get far better than this in ~ MetLife.

Most Popular

200 Level society Seating: sections 211-216 and also 236-241
View From section 212

The Chase and Lexus Clubs are situated on the stadium’s mezzanine are identical spaces ~ above opposite sides of the stadium extending 30,000 square feet each. Their cool size together with High Baltic ceilings, glass windows providing breathtaking views and ballrooms layout capabilities make the Chase and Lexus Clubs ideal for virtually any kind of function. The seats space wide, comfortable and also have extra legroom and panoramic views of the field. Friend will likewise have accessibility to all four club lounges through premium concessions. The amazing features that MetLife needs to offer give fans the finest experience around!

Closest to The Action

Concourse 100 Level: part 135-142, 11 A & C, 15 A & C
View From ar 139

These lower Level seats provide amazing views of the field along both sidelines. Get close come the brand-new York Giants or brand-new York Jets action with these field seats! friend can’t acquire much better than the see from this level of seating.

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Fans will also have access to various concessions including Bubba Burger, NY Delicatessen, and Papa John’s as well as some specialty bars.

Most renowned On A Budget

Concourse 300 Level: part 312-315 and also 337-340
View From ar 314

The top level concourse that the MetLife Stadium gives a fun location to reap the action while remaining within a budget. Although these upper level seats space smaller and also a little tighter than the spacing of few of the other sections, pan still enjoy great views also as access to every concessions ~ above the upper Concourse!