If you are thinking that upgrading her paintball barrel but does not desire to invest a vast sum that money when doing so, then I extremely suggest checking out the Empire Apex 2. What i noticed appropriate away around this barrel is the it combines affordability with durability and reliability, making the a genuinely good option.

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The barrel can carry out a long and vast range, which, ns think, is important a large help in totally revolutionizing the game of paintball. In fact, it has actually long-distance shoot capabilities to assist players in hitting your target, i m sorry is an difficult feat if you space using one old marker.

I even love the integrated ramp, i m sorry is adjustable, due to the fact that it is a large help in obtaining the best level the curve because that each shot. Realm Apex 2 additionally has many barrels. In fact, it is easily accessible in a 3-piece kit – with each one varying in length from 14 to 16 inches. With such many barrels, you will notice that it have the right to fit her playing layout no issue what the is.

It additionally has multiple bore inserts. The built-in inserts are actually helpful as they offer you the opportunity of shooting whatever size of sphere you prefer. The fact that it has actually multiple barrels and inserts provides you the possibility of switching them based on your needs as well as the certain paintball game you space playing.

One possible drawback is the its built-in case is short in quality but that is bearable considering its many features and benefits.
combine affordability, durability, and also reliability in one product Long-distance shoot capabilities Equipped with multiple barrels and bore inserts features an adjustable ramp renders it possible for girlfriend to move it based upon your game and also needs

6. Eclipse obelisk FR ago Kit


Another paintball barrel guarantee to provide potential individuals utmost satisfaction is the BT Paintball 14-inch APEX 2. Upon see this product, i instantly noticed that it has several preferable features and also benefits – one of which is the sturdiness carried on through the use of sturdy and strong aluminum because that its all at once construction.

I am also greatly satisfied through the capability of this barrel to market up to ripe adjustment spin positions. With together multiple adjustment positions, hitting the target is much easier. that is also possible to use this barrel to obtain your desired level of the curve through the aid of its adjustable ramp switch.

I am pretty certain that the tool-less disassembly that this barrel will certainly greatly accomplish you. That is mainly due to the fact that it promotes ease once it pertains to its as whole maintenance. It also comes through a new stealth look, i beg your pardon is actually a good thing if you desire to have an leaf in terms of accuracy and distance.

With such a look, you have the right to hit her target, also those that you believed you can not hit before. This barrel likewise makes it feasible for you come customize the curve and also spin level, offering you the chance to make it meet your standards. It is additionally capable of producing long round distance shots.

Sturdy construction – thanks to the aluminum product used in it gives up to nine adjustment rotate positions enables you to acquire your wanted curve level – thanks to its flexible ramp move Comes through a stealth look for accuracy and distance Customizable curve and also spin level

9. BT Paintball 14-inch APEX 2 Paintball Barrel (Tippmann 98 Custom)


If you are still confused over your numerous options then that is time to be completely aware the the basics associated in choosing a barrel. You can actually boost your chance of making a well-informed selection if you fully take these points into factor to consider during the an option process:

Barrel Length

You should spend time very closely assessing the size of the barrel due to the fact that it theatre a vital role in her shot’s consistency and also the as whole accuracy of her paintball gun. In this case, take into consideration going because that a size of around 12 come 16 inches.

Contrary to what rather believe, a longer barrel, probably approximately 20 customs or longer, does not instantly an outcome in a high level of accuracy. It might even have actually a an unfavorable impact ~ above the accuracy of your short. You need to have actually just the right length of the barrel because that accuracy and also consistency.

Note that the paintball will have an extra distance to take in order to fly within the barrel. This have the right to produce an additional drag within the barrel. Through that in mind, discover a length, which is just sufficient to promote ease in aiming accurately.

Keep in mind, though, that the ideal size is still based on user preference. For instance, a player that enjoys diving, sliding, and running in the field may realize the a shorter barrel size is an ext appropriate because that him as it allows him maintain a tiny profile.

However, if you are someone who tends to pat the video game by laying under suppressive fire then a longer barrel is best for you as you can easily allude it in the best direction.

Bore Size

You likewise need to consider your barrel’s bore size before choosing. Note that you require to complement this bore dimension to the repaint that you are specifically using therefore can give you an ext consistent and also accurate shots.

One way for girlfriend to determine if the paintball ammo you have actually perfectly match the bore is to drop one of them in a vertical manner under the barrel. If you notice that the paintball drops straight then it is an indication that the dimension of the bore is too huge for it.

You will understand that that is just the appropriate size in situation you deserve to blow the paintball in case it gets stuck using simply a irradiate burst of air that comes the end of your mouth. However, if it gets stuck and also you have actually a hard time blowing it the end of the barrel, climate it shows that the size is as well small.

You need the perfect bore dimension of the barrel as it can aid maintain the call of the paintball through the barrel itself, especially during your totality shooting process. However, take note that paint tends to vary a bit in regards to its size. Through that in mind, it would be ideal for you come look for a barrel kit, which has actually various boring sizes.

Interior Finish

Considering the barrel’s interior finish is likewise a should in do a great choice. Note that her goal is to discover a smooth and polished interior complete in the barrel together this can an outcome in minimal drag.

Note the a barrel without a smooth and polished interior can lead to drag. This will also cause spins, in order to minimizing the accuracy of your shots or resulting in the paintball to rest inside.


You likewise have to research whether there room vents in the barrel. The vents actually refer to the drilled feet in the barrel the are advantageous in venting added or extra pressure. Vents positioned closer to the mite will an outcome in quieter shots. However, their closeness to the mite can likewise lead to a slow speed.


Check what the paintball barrel is made of, too. amongst the materials used in this details item because that paintball are Teflon and ceramic. Ensure the the barrel product is smooth so you will have the opportunity to usage paintballs that have actually thin shells.

However, you can likewise choose to use rougher materials. In this case, you likewise need come pair that up v balls with difficult shells. Note that the shell greatly affects just how the balls will certainly break. If that is thin then it will break easily once it hits her opponent.


Check the object of the barrel, too. Keep in mind that the many accurate barrel is one, i beg your pardon comes v a thread the perfectly matches the paintball pistol or marker. This is the specific section the the barrel the is screwed or attached to the gun.

Frequently Asked inquiries (FAQs)


What size of paintball barrel must I get?

The best paintball barrel size for you will certainly be dependency on her game and playing style. The many optimal length, though, is 12-16 inches. Barrels that are shorter are usually an ext efficient when offered with gas. Lock are additionally easy to maneuver, particularly in tight areas.

If her playing style is directly on the battlefield and you are more familiar v getting quick shots and working on complicated to reach locations then a barrel v a much shorter length is perfect for you. Much longer barrels, on the other hand, are less efficient when supplied in gas. They occupational quieter, though, and are perfect once used during sniper situations.

Can I usage the barrel v inserts?

Yes, girlfriend can. Keep in mind that paintballs sometimes vary in dimension due to certain factors, favor humidity, warehouse conditions, elevation, temperature, and also the manufacturer, so there room instances as soon as using one insert is a must. Through its help, the bore device of her barrel have the right to adapt to every little thing paintball you usage it with.

How to clean a paintball barrel?

Cleaning your paintball barrel is actually easy. All the you need is a squeegee. What you need to do first is to gain your paintball marker. After ~ that, remove its barrel. Placed one end of her squeegee into the paintball barrel, ensuring the you room pushing the squeegee all the method through.

Continue pulling until its tail gets into the barrel. Traction it every throughout then outside. Carry out the same measures until the barrel becomes completely clean.

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Selecting the ideal paintball barrel is not totally difficult if you space just mindful of the basics that it. Your goal have to be to weigh the pros and also cons of every of her options. Also, figure out which one fits your budget plan the most. The way, you deserve to really discover the many suitable selection out that the numerous alternatives presented to you.