What is one Outie Belly switch Piercing?

Outie-belly switch is a sort of navel piercing having actually a convex surface. This structure can be scarring of the umbilical cord throughout birth. This piercing suits just the anatomy of a turned belly button and is on the belly tissue, over or just listed below the navel.

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Pierced Outie belly Button

How to perform Outie Belly button Piercing?

Search because that a dependable piercing parlor through hygienic ambiance. The piercer will certainly wear sterilized gloves before cleaning the outie-belly switch with a disinfectant. He will mark the entry and exit points closely with a operation pen. The outie-belly switch gets a clamping. Climate a hollow needle will certainly be placed in the skin to do a perforation. The jewelry will discover its method after piercing beginning the hole.

Belly button Piercing Pain 

Outie Belly button Piercings

The pain have the right to be much more as the piercing that thick tissue takes place. Perforating with the belly button is very risky together it connects within the body. It is advisable to visit an skilled for these piercings. It deserve to bleed at first causing numbness and swelling in the area for a couple of days.

Healing ship Piercing: step & Time

How lengthy does a Belly switch piercing require to heal?

It have the right to take practically 6 come 12 months for finish healing. Discharge that a white transparent liquid is natural and a sign of heal belly switch piercing. Take care that the piercing go not gain hit by an epidemic or the can prolong the healing period.

Outie-belly button Piercing Aftercare Do’s & Don’ts


Clean the piercing region with a cotton swab wet in warmth sea salt solution.Use one antibacterial soap to rinse the piercing area while acquisition a bath.Wear apparel that execute not cling top top the jewelry at the piercing site.Use clean towels and clothes together dirty ones have the right to harbor bacteria.Keep the area covered by a bandage to prevent injuries.
Outie Belly switch Piercing


Avoid sleeping on the next of your belly at first after the piercing.Do no touch the piercing with dirty hands as it can invite infections.Do no fiddle or play with the jewelry.Avoid playing outdoor sportsDo not eliminate or replace the jewel till piercing is healing.Avoid swim for a few weeks after ~ the piercing.Do not wash increase in warm tubs.Do not wear tight-fitting clothes around the perforation.

Can you acquire the piercings while pregnant?

A native of caution for the pregnant women. Piercing your belly switch during pregnancy is a complete NO. throughout this duration the body undergoes some alters due come which the healing is no proper and also therefore over there is always a danger of infection and also other complications.

Infection & other complications

Belly button or navel is a gateway the connects the outside of the body to the inside. That is the note of the umbilical cord. This is crucial to avoid it indigenous any possible infections. That is much more prone to infections if you acquire a piercing there. There is a opportunity of scarring or keloid formation after one infection.

Excessive redness and also swelling in the an ar which accompanies pain and also itching. This problem indicates infection. Pus discharge is also a symptom that contagion has hit the piercing. Do not eliminate the jewel instead acquire the assist of the piercer in this case. Visit a medical professional to act the infection and also strictly monitor his prescription.

Outie Belly switch Piercing Pictures

Belly button Piercing Rejection

A very common type of threat that follows in every piercing form is the hazard of rejection. If the piece of jewelry is not collection properly the migrates from its position leading to additional complications.

Types that Outie-Belly piercing

Innie-outie belly switch piercingOutie-belly button piercing
Belly Piercing Jewelry

Jewelry for Outie ship Button

Curved barbells, belly button rings, and also dangles room standard come wear in navel piercings. The 14-gauge ornament is preferable which need to be more thick to avoid migration. Jewels and stones look good on belly button piercings.

Generally, that is one advice to pick less reactive and skin friendly metal options. Gold, operation steel, titanium, sterling silver- are great choices. Bioplastic and acrylic are brand-new market arrivals.

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Belly switch Piercing through an Outie
Half Innie half Outie Belly switch Piercing
Outie Belly button Piercing Jewelry

Outie Belly switch Piercing Cost

A concern is most likely to popular music up right into your mind. How much does it cost to get your belly button pierced? A expense estimate ranges between $30-$60 i m sorry is pretty affordable. An option of jewelry and its material have the right to raise the belly switch piercing price.