Something the looks choose a an excellent thing in ~ first, however has unforeseen poor consequences.

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For instance, while watering schemes provide people v water because that agriculture, they can increase waterborne conditions that have disastrous health effects, such together schistosomiasis. (From wikipedia)

Major modify in body to carry out a much better example as asked for in the comments. Saeid, you re welcome let us recognize if you disagree and also this disputes with her intent. -T.R.



In details contexts, a poisoned chalice works.

An assignment, award, or honour i m sorry is most likely to prove a disadvantage or resource of troubles to the recipient: "many thought the brand-new minister had been handed a poisoned chalice" (

When miscellaneous is a curse in disguise (in the disguise of a blessing), girlfriend can also simply say the something is more of a curse than a blessing.


A "curse in disguise" is the literal meaning opposite, and also isn"t unheard-of. As in:

King Midas" gift of transforming everything he touched to gold was a curse in disguise.

The phrase be mindful what you great for also comes come mind (

If you gain things that you desire, there might be unforeseen and unpleasant consequences.("Be cautious what you wish for, lest it come true." and "Be mindful what you wish for; you might receive it." are additionally used.)

Also see, this wikipedia entry on unintended consequences:

Unexpected drawback: A negative, unforeseen detriment arising in addition to the preferred effect that the plan (e.g., while irrigation schemes provide people through water because that agriculture, they can increase waterborne illness that have destructive health effects, such together schistosomiasis).

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... In CIA jargon, "blowback" defines the unintended, undesirable results of hidden operations,

Blowback appears to fit

chiefly US The unintended adverse results of a political activity or situation:

PS - i can"t psychic where, however I"ve watched the expression Monkey"s Paw offered for this. A referral to the WW Jacobs brief story, in which supposedly an excellent things take place with disastrous reasons behind them.