DC: 10 time Batman & Wonder Woman virtually Had A romantic Batman and Wonder Woman room two the the most prominent superheroes in the DC Universe, and also they"ve almost become a thing a variety of times...

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Batman and Wonder Woman room two the DC"s eponymous Trinity and also two foundational members of the righteousness League. Lock come from very different worlds--with Bruce Wayne gift the billionaire orphan hailing indigenous the crime-ridden urban hellscape that Gotham City and also Diana being demigod royalty from the concealed island the Themyscira.

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Despite those vastly various backgrounds, they"ve often found common ground in the justice League, and they"ve had romantic brushes through one another across comics, cartoons, and also film. Wonder mrs has had moments with both Superman and also Batman over the years, but the prospect of Diana pairing off v Bruce has regularly stuck more prominently in pan imagination. It"s almost happened a number of times.

one of the tamer piece of proof of the flame the Batman and Wonder Woman organize for one another comes indigenous Legends the the DC cosmos #32. It"s a fairly small gesture top top the component of the Dark Knight. In ~ this point, Bruce and Diana developed friction end their different approaches come administering justice. However, Bruce wanted to display Diana his great respect and admiration for her and gifted she a rose to display how he feels about her.

A far previously example of the flame between Bruce and also Diana comes from Brave and also the bolder #78, i beg your pardon we"ve actually talked around on barisalcity.org before. Batgirl and Wonder woman are part of a convoluted ruse come trick the knavish Copperhead by pretending to be in love with Batman. It"s weird and hard to explain past that, however it culminates in Wonder Woman and Batman sharing a genuine kiss. In that moment Diana creates real feelings because that Batman the defuses by the end of the comic.

A popular example of the bond shared by these two heroes comes from Paul Dini and also Bruce Timm"s Justice league and Justice league Unlimited. The illustration that finest exemplifies this is "This little Piggy," which opens up with Batman and Wonder mrs flirting if on a stakeout that"s interrupted by the villain Circe.

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She transforms Wonder Woman into a pig, and also much that the illustration is spent watching the justice League shot to capture "Wonder Pig." In the end, Batman needs to go ~ above stage and also sing his heart out to convince Circe to adjust Diana back.

7 Flirting In The DCEU Movies

the brings us to the DCEU films, whereby there has actually been part definite flirting between Batman and Wonder Woman. There was some energy in between them in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of righteousness for sure, and also they concerned rely ~ above one another after Superman"s apparent death in between that film and Justice organization on their course to producing the team.

Injustice Gods among Us finds the knavish Superman the the collection dreaming of an ideal world where Batman and also Wonder woman marry, which indicates that, ~ above this alternating world, Superman observed something between them. Dark Nights: steel implied the on several worlds throughout the multiverse Bruce and also Diana loss in love--though the Batman who Laughs has melted those civilizations to cinders. Batman the Merciless in details came from a human being where he and Diana fell for one an additional before the last was killed by Ares.

5 A quick Moment prior to Dying

Joe Kelly"s JLA had a couple of moments the implied the there is something more between Bruce and also Diana. One such minute came as soon as Wonder Woman and also Batman went to the Obsidian period to protect against the monstrous league of Ancients. Prior to charging to their evident deaths, Bruce admits to Diana the he desire he were perfect like her. It catches her off-guard, and the two share a kiss prior to charging into battle.

later in Joe Kelly"s JLA, Wonder woman decides to discover the possibility of she and Batman share a romantic relationship...just, not in real life.

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She uses an advanced machine owned by the Martian Manhunter to peer into a possible future wherein Diana and Bruce pair off, and also this satisfies her curiosity. She decides to simply remain friends and also colleagues with Batman.

3 A surprised Kiss In Trinity

Matt Wagner"s run on Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman: Trinity gives an alternate telling of just how the 3 heroes concerned know one another, and also Batman and also Wonder mrs struggled to acquire along early on on. They concerned respect and also understand one another. In ~ one point, Batman sees Diana bathing on Themyscira, and he i do not care so conquer that that kisses her shortly afterward. Diana punches Bruce in retaliation, but it"s make explicit that this moment stuck v Bruce.

throughout the Blackest Night crisis, countless heroes that were once dead began receiving black color Lantern rings from the undead black Lantern Batman under the thrall of black color Hand and Nekron. One such ring come for Diana, as she had once skilled death and came ago from it. However, she believed of her memories v Batman, and this attracted a adjacent Star Sapphire ring (which is the Violet Lantern Corps which focuses upon the strength of love) i m sorry recruited Diana right into the Star Sapphire and also saved her from the black Lantern ring.

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1 Trapped In An alternating Reality before The Wedding

not too long ago, Batman was involved to Catwoman. In the lead-up to the huge wedding, Wonder Woman and Batman were dubbed to an alternative universe to work out an old debt. They were to take it over because that a warrior who has actually committed come fighting "the Hordes of Gehenna" for all eternity. Bruce and also Diana provide this warrior a job of liberty while the 2 fight the Hordes top top his behalf. However, a work in our world is year in his realm--even if one doesn"t age in his realm. During this time, Bruce and Diana recognize that castle may have latent feelings for one one more and practically kiss...but earlier away since of your commitments: Bruce come Selina and Diana come Steve Trevor.