Christmas in Maryland train station

WCBC, Cumberland, MD (AM 1270)Dec. 24 4p - Midnight and Dec. 25 Midnight - 8pm,

WCEI-FM, Easton, MD (96.7FM)9p-Midnight Dec. 24 and 12a-8a and also 9p-Midnight Dec. 25

WINX-FM, St. Michael"s, MD (94.3FM) Noon come Midnight Dec. 24 and 6am-8pm Dec. 25

WJEJ, Hagerstown, MD (AM 1240)

WKHJ-FM, mountain Lake Park, MD (104.5FM) WNAV-AM/FM, Annapolis, MD (AM 1430) 11a-12a Dec. 11- Dec. 24 and Christmas job 10am - 12 Midnight

WCTR-AM, Chestertown, MD (AM 1530) 2pm - 4pm Dec. 18 - Dec. 26

WGOP-AM and FM, Pocomoke City, MD (AM 540) 4pm Dec. 24 - 8pm Dec. 25

WGMD-FM, Rehoboth Beach/Ocean City (92.7 FM)


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her Host: john Patti

Award to win journalist and longtime Baltimore broadcaster man Patti is your host for Christmas in Maryland. Man takes his microphone throughout the state to lug you cherished holiday memories, and the Christmas music you grew up with.

Joe Evelius

Veteran Maryland broadcaster Joe Evelius is the co-founder, producer and also engineer responsible for the sound the Christmas in Maryland. He also serves together our Music Director.

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34th Street in Hampden, MD

Christmas in Maryland is Proud to it is in the winner the the 2010 Edward R. Murrow Award for "News Series," and the 2009 new York Festivals yellow Medal for "Best one-of-a-kind Event"


Christmas in Maryland is a 14-hour audio journey that allows listeners pause and feel the legacy that lives nestled between the hills of west Maryland and the beaches that the Atlantic shore. Christmas in Maryland takes you from the large city to the tiny towns the Maryland, catching the story of the season at every stop.

Every year it"s the same story. Indigenous Thanksgiving come Christmas Eve, the vacation spirit gradually makes its method into our lives. Us go native our busy workdays to even busier evenings. It"s every pointing towards that one day.

Then the night of December 24th comes and suddenly the civilization puts its problems on hold. Web traffic disappears, shop close, and we prepare for the peace and tranquility that Christmas Day. Because that that one day it"s an escape to family members gatherings, scenes of smiling faces, and also all around an excellent cheer. It"s Christmas! Christmas in Maryland has captured Maryland in ~ Christmastime. It"s the guy with two-hundred-thousand vacation lights in his yard. It"s spending time with household in little Italy ~ above Christmas Eve. It"s taking a sleigh ride through Frostburg and living the dream that the western Maryland Polar Express. It"s additionally a visit behind the respond to in Bethlehem, Maryland as unique postmarks room affixed to vacation mail.

And we"ll accomplish some well known Marylanders including John Waters, play Sajak, man Harbaugh, Cal Ripken, Jr., and also Boog Powell, to watch what Christmas in Maryland method to them.

Some that the attributes for this year"s presentation encompass a journey through s City"s Winterfest irradiate display, a visit come The Christmas house in Howard County, and also a walk down main Street in Middletown, to see just how they celebrate "Christmas in the Valley." add to we"ll get a vacation serenade indigenous the heart of Maryland Chorus, and also a celebration event of Christmas on the Potomac. And also we"ll tag together with Santa together he it is provided both pork and pine in Baltimore!

Returning favorite this year include visits to An eastern Baltimore Christmas - polish style, Crabs because that Christmas in ~ John and Donna McKenna"s, and also the Pocomoke City Christmas Parade. Plus, we"ll tag in addition to the Grove household as they find the Perfect Christmas Tree.

You"ll likewise hear the story of how It"s constantly Christmastime in ~ Sparky"s, The Lazzati family Christmas Card, The Trigg Christmas nation Biscuit Brunch, and The Kellner family Train Garden, plus just how some Marylanders say funny Christmas - IslandStyle!

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