After the garbage extravagance the Grace"s an initial birthday party, i realized that two cakes were one too many. I would certainly make just one cake because that Allie"s birthday.

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Grace request me to do triple cacao cake again. It sounded favor a an excellent idea, yet I worried the it wouldn"t make sufficient cake.

I baked the cake for my dad"s birthday, and also it served 5 people. Granted, we ate like pigs since it was totally and completely amazing, yet still. 5 people.

Knowing that we"d be offer cake to at the very least 10 people, I determined to double the cake recipe and put the in a 9x13 pan. That appears reasonable since the initial recipe is for a bundt pan, right?



The totality thing to be a big mistake.

It was a big, ugly, hairy monster of a mistake, in fact.

3 Baking Lessons i Learned the hard Way

Can I double the cake recipe?

NO! NO, friend CAN"T! (Yelling intended)

I believed one cake mix wouldn"t be sufficient for the 9x13 pan, so i doubled the recipe: 2 cake mixes. 2 box of pudding. 4 cup of coco chips. 2 cup of cake cream. 2 cups of vegetables oil.

The 9x13 pan overflowed in the oven, pour it until it is full the oven and the kitchen through smoke.

An stove filled v smoke bakes a cake the tastes choose smoke.

The cake to be still jiggling prefer the s after the encourage 55 minute at 350. The cake at some point baked because that 90 minute (and turned the end not fairly done in the center).

During 90 minute of baking, the bottom quarter-inch the the cake turned to charcoal. It was black and dry and also crusty. Once I was considering serving it to the party guest anyway, ns tasted it and dry heaved.

When the bottom quarter-inch that a cake burns, the totality cake tastes burnt. Smokey and burnt. Score!

Lesson 1 - Don"t double the cake recipe!

When should I roasted the cake?

THE day BEFORE! Or the day before that. Don"t carry out it ~ above the morning that the party, also if the party isn"t till afternoon.

Allie won"t drink a bottle unless it"s warm, not room temperature and also certainly no cold. It needs to be noticeably warm, also now the she"s one.

On the other hand, Allie walk not like her cake to be warm. She wouldn"t eat - or even play in - the cake till it had actually cooled off.

Also, if friend frost a cake before it"s completely cooled, the fabulous homemade butter cream frosting (that you likewise screwed up, check out below) will melt and also turn into a slim glaze and also run off the cake, end the political parties of the 9x13 pan, and onto the stove and counter.

Or onto the other foodstuffs in the freezer, whereby you"ve placed the cake in a feeble effort to do the frosting stop running off.

Lesson 2 - bake the cake the day prior to you need it!

What if ns make the butter too soft?

You can"t do frosting through melted butter. If friend soften the butter too lengthy in the microwave, the will come to be melted butter.

Put the butter ago in the fridge and start over with a brand-new stick.

If you shot to do frosting with melted butter, you will make a crumbly paste, storage of the topping you put on to apologize crisp.

Nothing will make that crumbly paste turn right into frosting.

If you proceed to attempt to make frosting, girlfriend will finish up through a semi-smooth coco frosting full of grit the size and texture the Nerds candy.

Even if you placed it in the freezer come firm up and also whisk the heck out that it v your stand mixer.

You"ll still have actually gritty frosting that melts right into a slim glaze and also runs almost everywhere the floor.

Lesson 3 - Don"t try to make frosting through melted butter!

This cake to be a spectacular failure. Burnt, fall apart, tasting the smoke and also charcoal, it to be awful.

Everyone ate it; some people had two pieces.

They were just being nice.

Everyone should have family members like that.

The only means to find out is to do a mistake. And also usually it needs to be a substantial one in order for the class to be a life long learned one never to it is in made again. I"ve done some stuff that has actually left me shaking my head, my fist and wondering what in the hell i to be thinking. (Which clearly I wasn"t thinking!).

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LOL that some people ate 2 pieces! God love "em!!!

Funny post. However actually you could"ve doubled the recipe and successfully. Every box--tells you either 1-13Ô”9, 2-8 or 9 inch cake pans or 12 cupcakes. rather sure why you would try to ingredient 2 box + additional ingredients---in the very same size pan? Hilarious.